Women’s Rights Watch International


Women’s Rights Watch International magazine is founded on the belief that although “women rights are human rights”, the extent of the violation of the rights of women all over the world is reaching alarming proportions. Many print media and charitable organizations have been working tirelessly hard in order to expose the injustice against women, protect, promote, advance the rights and integrity of women and the girl child globally but a lot more needs to be done in order to ensure that the message is getting though.

Women’s Rights Watch is a stand-alone platform which will concentrate on investigating repugnant and oppressive: traditional, customary, cultural, religious and work place practices which consciously or unconsciously demean, denigrate, marginalise, emasculate and disempower women and young girls. We will report on them and encourage victims to speak out against such ills so that the perpetrators may understand the human and social and economic consequences of their behaviour on women and society.

Whenever and wherever possible Women Rights Watch will encourage and support global women to come together and campaign against breaches of the human rights of women and girls and seek universal harmonisation of certain rights and practices that will help to advance the rights of women. This will help to ensure that whatever is acceptable as norms or condemned as unacceptable is enforceable globally and no woman will be denied their natural entitlements to women and human rights because there is no law in their home countries against such practices.

Our Ethos

We are committed to fair, accurate, honest, unbiased, passionate and compassionate reporting standards and will therefore critically vet our sources and treat victims and their assailants with great respect and dignity at all times. Commentators and contributor will only be encouraged to tell their stories bearing in mind their trauma and where necessary be supported by appropriate volunteer professionals who may have experience of the matters which concern such contributors.