Wind of Change


Fellow Nigerians, country men and women and friends of Nigeria,something is about to happen in my country, Nigeria. I do not know what or why but I feel this inexplicable sense of change and new life all around me. Is change about to come at last? Are my people about to break free from the clutches of the PDP? I think so.

I sincerely believe that any Nigerian especially those of us in Diaspora who is supporting the continuation of this PDP led government is selfish and not being sincere or patriotic.

How can I run away from my country and come to live in another where there is good health care, schools, jobs if you work hard not if you know someone, steady water and electricity supply, safety and security of life and property etc and yet support a government that cannot provide similar basic amenities and opportunities for my brothers and sisters at home many of whom have been turned into beggars? If the leaders of your host countries are still playing primitive politics of religion, tribe, North and south would you still want to live in their countries or go somewhere else?

I am aware that many people jump once GEJ is mentioned but I must assure everyone that from where I stand I have no issue with GEJ personally. It is rather the case that I have issues with his leadership style and then the arrogance and complacency of his party the PDP. As a result, I do not think that they are still fit for purpose. Therefore unless we get rid of them and usher in a new government as soon as possible, they will never learn.

The new government may not be much better than them because as we all know many of their members have been members of the PDP at some point. However, one thing will be achieved, Nigerian politicians will be made to understand that power belongs to the people and if you are given power and you abuse it, the people have the right to get rid of you. Therefore if we give you power you must serve not ruin us.

I consider the request to give another four years in addition to the 16 wasted years to the PDP very mischievous. If they could do nothing within 16 years what does four years mean to them? In my opinion, they are asking us to give them power not the opportunity to serve us. Therefore they must go and go they must on 14th February 2015!!!!!!

So for those of us who have PVC go out there and vote out the PDP. If we vote in the APC and other parties and they mess with us, we will vote them out the way we voted them in. That will bring sanity to the polity. PEOPLE, LET’S GO MAKE LEADERS NOT RULERS. GET YOUR PVC ASAP. DO NOT DISENFRANCHISE YOURSELF.

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