Why are African/Nigerian politicians/leaders able to get away with murder under the watch of their citizens??


Because we willfully and sometimes inadvertently connive with them under our shared unwritten but powerful and badly entrenched attitudes including most importantly: conspiracy of silence, evil sycophancy, tribalism, religion (which many of us do not even believe in or practice but have to act out for political correctness), insecurity, sickening jealousy and all sorts of idiocy of the highest order.

Those who ask questions and speak out are marked and targeted as trouble makers under the watch of the same people they are speaking for and sometimes killed by the same people they are fighting for. Otherwise why would a criminal politician pay me pittance to blackmail, bear false witness or assassinate a civil rights leader or fighter and I do it? Who is fooling who here?

Unless Africans and Nigerians in particular begin to tell themselves the truth and learn to stand by the truth not lies because people want you to lie for them in return for a fraction of what belongs to you and them, then we will continue to suffer and die in silence.


America and the world can come and stand with us or shout from the roof top condemning the excesses of our leaders but until we are ready to truthfully embrace the truth and fight for ourselves their readiness to help and condemnations of our leaders makes no difference. We need to lead the war nit by violence but coordinated civil action starting with not selling our votes.

My people I am running out of steam but will not end this post without telling you and me the truth; it’s our life and future. We have no control over our lives because they belong to God but we have control over our future which is in our hands to take or ignore. I do not know about you but I will continue to speak out taking my future in my own hands, fighting for it if that is what it will boil down to.

One month since our children were abducted and we are still listening to excuses after excuses without anyone telling us the truth or joining us to bring back our children. Many of our leaders appear to have taken leave of their senses and we are still buying their nonsense and not demanding the return of our children with one decisive voice.

Sorry my people shame on us, shame on us, and shame on us. We are all toothless bull dogs.

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