Who is policing your votes?

INEC is policing your votes but who is policing INEC? INEC

From information making the round, the much talked about mother of elections will take place on 14th February 2015. What a significant date which speaks volumes to all of us. In my opinion, we are reminded that our future is in our hands. We must therefore handle our it with care and love and and vote for our candidates with love too. Great choice If only many of us understands what love for ones country means.

The thought of 2015 elections brings joy and fear to my mind in equal measure. If going by what I hear happened in Anambra State this is the standard we may expect from INEC then we are in trouble. The big question which should be on all our minds must then be how do we avoid a repeat of Anambra in 2015 and avert the bloodshed which many people are threatening or predicting.

My vote is my voice and power. Therefore no one has the right to disenfranchise me by any means unless as directed by law. Accordingly, I have the right to defend my vote with my best endeavour excluding my blood or that of others because if I live I can go to court and settle the score, that is if our judiciary has not already been bought over, Ibori on my mind. If I die the miscreants will celebrate and carry on and I would not only have lost my voice and power but my precious life too for the happiness of those who have no care in the world about me or my country. Nigerian youth please do me a favour and live to see tomorrow. You matter and must not accept peanuts in exchange for your lives.

So how are we going to defend our votes from the type of “mago mago” which many people allege was the biggest ever seen in the history of elections in Anambra State? Electoral fraud seems to be one of the criminal acts which many Nigerians are never afraid to be associated with. But why would anyone bother if all that matters is survival of the criminal with the most inglorious god father and winner takes all with the voters not asking any questions.

I am waiting for the day when some Nigerians will come together and sue INEC for wittingly or unwittingly disenfranchising them.  I have yet to hear about the next step the last gubernatorial candidates who cried foul are considering or taking. Is it business over already and we can carry on waiting for the next four years to try again? I may be wrong but lack of action by the candidates will suggest to INEC that such bad example is granted and worst will happen in 2015.

I think that there is need to set up an emergency independent election monitoring agency (may be called VOTE WATCH OR INEC MONITORING AND EVALUATION WATCH) whose main objective would be to ensure that INEC is working hard at returning the best election in the history of Nigeria in 2015. Their work should include, verification of electoral register to ensure that all the details match and there is no fake registers lurking around, storage of all registered voter records before the elections and beyond the reach of INEC or the executive, monitoring the activities of INEC close to, during  the elections and reporting any irregularities or any matters of concern needing urgent attention before, during and after the election.

This organisation must be fully independent and the Executive must not interfere with their work.If possible it must be run and managed by young Nigerians who were born abroad and under agreement with their host countries with country of their births as the employers sending them on lease to Nigeria. The essence of this is that if they collude with anyone to commit any electoral fraud they will punished by their home governments whose system of justice must be stronger and fairer than Nigeria’s.


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  1. Dim. Sunni AaronsWuche
    February 5, 2014 at 23:05

    “My vote is my voice and power. Therefore no one has the right to disenfranchise me by any means unless as directed by law. ” Supper election riggers are now in APC. However, the election the election will be rigged. I dot not trust INEC because in 2003 I witnessed how the operate behind the curtain. It will take me another eight years from 2015 to trust them.

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