When Does Love Become An Abuse

What is this thing called LOVE? Have you ever been IN LOVE or NEVER been IN LOVE?

Some things which some people who claim to be in love or are genuinely in love do makes me question myself secretly about this thing called LOVE. love

Sometimes I think that the force of it is so cruel that it makes some people lose their minds and become self-destructive.

I have watched some people walk dangerously into situations that look like the end. Everyone but them sees the danger they are up against. You become an envious enemy if you dare say that you are worried.

As a friend once said, she nearly died at the hands of her husband because she was blinded by the power of love. He made her believe that all her friends were envious of her. Until she woke up in the hospital one day barely able to see, speak or recognise anyone around her bed, she believed that hitting, slapping and cursing was part of the love deal. She was drifting in and out of comma during her stay in hospital. While in coma, she dreamed about running away from her husband into a better place where everyone welcomed and respected her without hitting her or calling her names but her husband was laughing and mocking at her.

She eventually woke up and realised that her husband had nearly beaten the life out of her. She had lost her teeth, gone partially blind in one eye and became hard of hearing. It was then then that she realised that it was about power, control and subordination and he never loved her. Her children pleaded with her not to take them back to their home because he was also beaten them and they were afraid that he will kill them all.

Listening to her fear ran down my spine and I wondered whether my understanding of love is correct. So my people what is the difference between love and hate? When does love become hate and is anyone aware of schools which can teach people the barriers, when to stop, think, and take stock and bolt if you see that the music has changed?

This lady survived but not many people did or will survive. Please take your lives seriously. Seek advice and counselling when in doubt or fear of your other half. If you are not sure move out and be safe because only the living can tell their story and look for other things that make life complete. Dead people do not speak.

A lady was said to have bragged to other ladies that yes her husband beats her but he buys her the biggest presents which many of them can never dream of. My sisters and brothers please remember inner beauty and peace of mind are the best and external beauty with bruised heart and soul are as good as ugliness. So choose LIFE not the gifts of DEATH.

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  1. Grace
    December 21, 2013 at 08:03

    Thank you Jenny for posting this article. Am a social worker and a great advocate for domestic abuse, I have had the opportunity to work with abuse women and their children especially those from developing countries like my and will continue to advocate on their behalf.women please, we need to know when to say NO.

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