What Do You Call Him?

Stupid, arrogant, ignorant damn right evil or badly possessed pervert?

He is 61 years old. His last daughter is 19. The same age as the last daughter of his best friend from childhood. The families feel blessed that the children get along too and the wives are like sisters.

Fortunately the two girls got admission into the same University in England. Either parent/s can visit and money is not a problem to any of them.


On this occasion, the 61 year old visited the UK and as traditional invited the girls home. Something strange began to happen. He kept brushing himself against his friend’s daughter pinching her bum and squeezing her breasts anytime his own daughter was not looking. The little girl was worried and kept tagging along side her friend to avoid her dad.

Not able to contain his lewd thoughts he sent off his daughter to go and pick up his glasses and asked friends’s daughter to make breakfast for him. Daughter went without worries while friend was dying in fear and not sure whether to go with her. She stayed putting on her jeans with tight belt and jumper. As soon as his daughter took off he asked the child to go into the room and get him something. As she did he followed, locked the door and pounced telling her that he loves her and want to look after her better than she could ever imagine so long as she lets him sleep with her. She must not tell her parents or his daughter. It will be their little secret. She refused running to a corner of the bedroom. He began to chase her round the room. She managed to escape but as he dashed for her, he fell and smashed his face against the door frame and began to bleed terribly. The young lady ran out leaving her bag. He gave himself first aid and called the ambulance. On return from the shop his daughter did not see anyone. She eventually found the note left by the ambulance team. She ran to the hospital and found her lying dad who told her that he blacked out and found himself in hospital. The child eventually returned to pick up her bags and leave without saying anything. Her friend was angry that she did not call to tell her that her dad was in hospital and abandoned him. She said nothing but took her bag and left.

The old man came home and said that he could not explain what happened and she should not be angry with her friend as she must have become afraid to see him in a pool of blood and ran away. He asked for her number to call and reassure her which his daughter obliged. She did not answer.

On return to University the little girl explained to her friend that something happened to her which made her to flee the house but she did not wish to discuss it.The lewd old man did not give up. He started bombarding her with calls promising that so long as she did not tell her parents and gives him the chance to prove that all the little boys who are confusing her cannot do a quarter of what he has in mind for her she will never regret it.

The poor girl is now feeling even more frightened and asked what she should do. Tell her parents or continue to condone his foolishness? Meanwhile, her own parents are accusing her of not going to see Uncle with uncle giving the impression that he is worried that she is beginning to run after boys and hiding that from all of them. What an evil shameless soul.

I am angry. Do you think that the girl should tell her parents and her friend who is now estranged? Would they believe her?


3 comments for “What Do You Call Him?

  1. Umommyk@aol.com
    December 26, 2013 at 02:44

    The old maggot is a totality of stupidity, evil and badly possessed pervert. He has no morals and boundaries. Such a fool will fight tooth and nail if he sees any guy trying to date his daughter. He has no shame and no respect for his friend the girl’s father. You are asking if the girl should tell her parents. Definitely yes! The parents might not believe her but if I were the girl’s mother I will invite the big fool over for dinner when the girl is present. After eating, I will confront him in the presence of the girl and watch his reaction. If he has a soul, he will have guilt written over him.
    She should also tell her friend and if possible cut tires with her because she will not believe her. Parents please treat other people’s kids as you will treat yours. Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you.

  2. nwezeprince16@yahoo.com
    December 28, 2013 at 11:15

    Evil in hgh places. The earlier the girl tells her parents and friend, the better.

    The wicked old man should be exposed, for whom he is

  3. Ekemini
    December 28, 2013 at 12:35

    SPEAK OUTTTTTTTT! The girl should tell her parents, possibly her mom first.

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