Very weird timing.




(is the timing of the anti gay law a willful attempt to bury bad news or sheer coincidence (Mara Donna hand of God type goal scoring)!!

Looking at events of the past few weeks in Nigeria many of which looked like they were not going to go away until our leaders satisfactorily explains their actions to us I honestly question the timing of this anti-gay law in Nigeria.

In the USA and UK, smart political spinners use good news to bury bad news. Therefore given the fragility of our moral spines, I won’t be surprised that our leaders have timed the passing of this bill into law as a way of diverting our attention from issues of great national importance for which we truly deserve answers. Nice try.

Mugabe did that when his popularity began to wane. He targeted White farmers claiming that they had taken over their land. I understand that he announced that the lands will be returned to their owners while in actual sense he had no plans to do so or even continue to cultivate the land for the benefit of the farm hands whose only livelihood came from the wages paid by the White farmers. It is believed that he had actually secretly given away some if not all of the land to his political supporters. Today, the farms are totally run down. Zimbabweans are suffering. Inflation in Zimbabwe is at its highest since human history. Mugabe and his baby wife are happy enjoying their lives and planning the next election and perhaps his state funeral whenever that happens. Good on him though. He is an old man but not stupid. He simply exploited the weakness of his people. The black man will die for land so he dangled the right carrot and got what he wanted.  Again, some of us black people are envious, lazy and more racist than our Caucasian counterparts. Our natural something for nothing disposition means that anyone can sell any rubbish to us. So long as we can get free things out of such nonsense we will fall for it. We are simply too gullible and easy to manipulate.So these tricks work all the time. Fela’s follow follow on my mind.

In this same manner,  our leaders appear to have exploited our sorry hypocritical morality in an attempt to bury the crisis which Oduah’s N255m BMWs started followed by: OBJ’s letter which frankly speaking, he ought to be pulled up for by GEJ and his security operatives, Iyabo’s bombshell of a rejoinder which Baba bragged she will sue vanguard for and which we are still to hear from her lawyers, the missing billions expose’ by Sanusi which our coordinating Minister  and Minister for Petroleum dismissed because the figure Sanusi mentioned was exaggerated. Out of interest is it that the two ladies do not understand math or they are simply too smart for Sanusi’s to understand their calculations? This is good news for women empowerment. More women please. On the other hand, it is clear that something is indeed missing but perhaps by virtue of the size of past missing funds in Nigeria the figure in question is chicken feed and loud mouth Sanusi should get alive, shut up and move on or immediately tender his resignation for daring to report or mention it. There is allegation that GEJ had ordered him to resign as he is suspected to have also leaked it to OBJ.  Well, as Sanusi is no push over he is maintaining his stand and daring GEJ to instigate his resignation through due process. A very funny development. Given Sanusi’s past running with our Legislators beginning with when he made clear that they are a burden on our treasury and earn higher than all known legislators all over the world, I doubt that they would be interested in engaging him at all. He may have one or two things to say about some or all of them and only a fool engages such a fearless man.

All that said and on a more serious note, it might be wise for GEJ to get serious FBI, Russian KGB or MI5 sniffer dogs to comb his abode. Who knows they may sniff out the mole who may have been leaking these private letters and save GEJ any future embarrassments? It is very peculiar that apart from private letters and reports meant for him we have yet to have any other serious leak of letters meant for other executives. I am of the opinion that people behind the leaks may have diverted GEJ’s attention by giving him the impression that Sanusi leaked his letter to OBJ. That at least will make him to look away while they continue with their underground works for GEJ adversaries. Smart move. Anyway, GEJ seems to be a cat with several lives and back as hard as the shell of a tortoise so they can leak as much as they like and he will “de kampe”.

OK now I get the message but may I please ask as loud as my heart tells me; WHERE IS OUR MISSING BILLION OR BILLIONS?

For me this anti-gay law gamble is not enough cover for those seeking to bury this big loss with a law which is music to the minds of many funny Nigerians who are happy to punish the vicissitudes of nature which many of us have no control over but condone and forgive crime which we have a choice to commit or not commit. Do not forget we are people of high morals and our get rich quick jet flying pastors can bear us witness.

As a people Nigerians are funny people with funny leaders who suit their indeterminable psyche. Let us see what happens from now on. I bet we will be all out on the road chasing and attacking gays instead of holding our leaders to account. Good on us. No wonder our leaders will never change. When is the next election please? Who are you going to vote for?

As OBJ once said “I de laugh oo”.

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  1. Akabogu Ikeh-Akabogu
    January 18, 2014 at 03:48

    Hah..which election kwa…??, It is as good as concluded, did you not hear Mr President say that the runaway governors will be back to the fold and business will continue as usual.
    Mind you for the past months that the Governors were junketing the whole 9ja, pushing for support to get either GEJ or Tukur out of the way….they were pocketing the Federal Allocation meant for their various States…..When the Election comes, EFCC will be used to beat them to size and they will uphold Mr President’s candidacy and go away with their LOOT.
    You can see why Mr President is not loosing any sleep and they will tell you the man is clueless, when in actual fact his traducers are the worst culprits in the clueless game.
    They are equally waiting for Sanusi to leave, all the Monies he collected in building CBN in most of the states in the North, he will be made to vomit them. With that his mouth will finally close for the better and he will go back to Kano inconsolably.

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