Unjust justice inspired by tribalism or mistake?

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I have thoroughly reviewed and compared the charges against Dasuki and others to the charges against Olisa Metuh together with the bail conditions thereon.

For ease of reference, Dasuki is suspected of and charged with laundering about N11b and criminal breach of trust. He has been granted bail in the sum of £250m. Other conditions attached to the bail are that he produces a surety who must be a serving or retired civil servant of no lower than the rank of a director.  The civil servant must also own a property within the FCT area worth similar amount. The same applies to his other cohorts all but one of whom is from the North.  They must all surrender their international passports to the authorities. All the men appeared before the courts without handcuffs or shackles and returned to their various detention centres in similar fashion.

On the other hand, Olisa Metuh is suspected of and charged with receiving N400m. He was originally granted bail on the condition that he returns the full sum given to him by Dasuki, pays N400m in bond and produces two sureties who must also provide N200 million bond each. The sureties must have properties in the Maitama district of Abuja and Olisa must surrender his international passport. I understand that the sum ordered has now been reduced to £300m. This however is still above Dasuki’s bond of N250m. There has been a mention of criminal damage in relation to the alleged eating or chewing of evidence of his statement.

Now the big question is why must Dasuki and his cohorts be granted bail on such generous conditions while Olisa who is a handler of stolen money/property face stiffer conditions and be so badly humiliated? Mind you I have no sympathy for anyone involved in the scam. My only interest is justice and fairness.

I find the specific condition that the subject bail property in Olisa’s case must be in Maitama while Dasuki’s is FCT, quite peculiar. Does restricting Olisa to Maitama and allowing Dasuki the liberty of the whole of FCT giving him a wider scope not overly prejudicial, disproportionate and wholly unjust?

I personally think that this disparity makes the decision unjust and can be easily interpreted as perverse. Surely an innocent accomplice cannot be more liable than the mastermind of the scam.  I must say make clear that my reference to innocence here is in line with the principle that no one is guilty until proven guilty and the same applies to Dasuki and others.

I actually consider strange the fact many Nigerians condemned Olisa’s appearance in court the first time in handcuffs, the authorities again minded to continue to bring him to court still in handcuffs without any explanations. I do not know Olisa but I feel that although he has a voice as big and radical as Doyin Okukpe and FFK’s and may have therefore offended many people,  the treatment he has received from the authorities is prejudicial in every respect and must be explained by those in charge of his care plus condemned by every law abiding Nigerian.

The questions I have asked myself and hope that someone may answer include: who made these decisions, did nothing tell them that the treatment Olisa has received in comparison to those of the principal actor, Dasuki, is totally disproportionate and likely to give credence to the allegations or convenient sentiment to the effect that PMB is vindictive and therefore viciously pursuing his opponents instead of attempting to eradicate corruption, other obvious social malaise in society and what does the law say about proportionality?

I am very confident that PMB did not and will not tell anyone to treat anyone in police custody in any manner. Sadly, as he is the Commander in Chief and therefore vicariously liable for the conduct of his service men, a devious or not even so devious person by inference can allege anything and get away with it. His service men must therefore always strive to avoid behaving in any way that may put his good intentions in disrepute.

Otherwise we will play into the hands of perpetual dissenters and make a mockery of a very genuine effort to cleanse our system of a very contagious plague©

The only way to do so is to be and always remain consistent. This is important for the maintenance of the integrity of PMB’s leadership. It will also ensure that no one in any position of authority should hide behind his change mantra to live their tribal and religious bigotry.

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