Torments of self imposed poverty in the midst of plenty

I listened to a program which discussed emerging economic giants

Major on the discourse was their strengths and weaknesses plus the huge potentials and edge which they will have over the existing economies if many of them can overcome their human challenges.

The presenter sounded very passionate and optimistic holding Nigeria in very high esteem. High on his list of detrimental challenges which will hold us back was the usual; corruption followed by insecurity, power, infrastructural backwardness and seeming lack of value of human life by people in leadership.

I paused and wondered where we would have been, where we are now and if we are going to finally emerge with or before others as predicted by the presenter. Looking at the way people see our strengths, weaknesses and resources it is clear that we were and should be the true giants of Africa but we are losing our place in history because of corruption inspired by selfishness which is now culminating in total failure of leadership.

I despaired for my country and wondered how we can be so rich by nature but yet so impoverished. On my mind was the many unfortunate children hawking on our streets instead of going to school and the future generation with lecturers defiling our daughters, turning our sons into criminals and legacy we will leave the next generation many of whom are likely to be educated illiterates because many of them will have certificates they cannot defend. I am not sure how else to make us to begin to appreciate the power we have which makes us the envy of many people around the world. Well, let me hope that we will wake from our slumber and handle our destiny with love and passion.


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