Thumbs up Indians.

Listening to BBC world service, I was impressed to hear about an anti corruption demonstration in India led by a man who objects to the luxurious life style of government officials who were elected into office on their promise to combat corruption in India.

They encouraged Indians to record incidences of corruption on their mobile phones and send them to a particular government anti corruption agency for investigation, prosecution and punishment. They were warmly welcomed with so much trust and hope for change. They were indeed seen as the much needed change India has been waiting for.

Now instead of delivering on their promise, they have become more self rewarding and reckless than their predecessors living in plush homes with powerful private securities. Corruption has rather become worst under their regime.

I thought what an admirable bold statement and stand against corruption and injustice wondering what they will do to our private jet flying and N255m BMW scam gang and when Nigerians are going to arise as one and show our corrupt leaders the red card.

Our life. Our choice.

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