I read with great consternation, derision and disdain the vituperation of a despot’s son over Prof Soyinka’s refusal to be placed on the same pedestal as his late tyrant father and loathed our often passive convenient blind, deaf and dumb attitude towards crimes against humanity in Nigeria.

I also watched his mother smiling while receiving the award on behalf of her family. I shook my head and thought “TUFIAKWA! ALU NA EME, ONLY IN NIGERIA, WHAT ABOUT THE DEAD”

In Igbo land we have a saying that only a crazy or over fed kid will dare lift his father to see what is under his loin cloth (Please forgive my poor translation) Aligning this to this young man’s arrogant disrespect to Soyinka, assault and insult to our sense, I wondered what else if not over feeding on our money would have given him the audacity to attempt to disparage our world acclaimed noble prize winner and literary giant. Some of us parents must learn to teach our children how to respect others and their hard works.

I am also wondering what this young man may have to say about the $458 million which America has seized from his father’s loot. He seems to be conveniently silent on that point.

In a country where law, order and common sense prevails, should he not be cooling off in Panti for aiding and abetting his father’s looting, pillorying and plundering? Assuming that in our usual kindness and forgetfulness we are minded to spare him the rod, should he not be hiding somewhere doing serious charity work to atone his father’s crimes against humanity.

Our leaders who made that decision must reconsider their positions and be sure about the message they are sending to people like Boko haram because If we can recognise this despot, then why not Boko Haram?

I recently read something about a son of one of our past leaders announcing that he is ready to lead his people in the capacity of a governor. Again, I shook my head and lamented the problems their fathers have created while trying to keep their generations as lords over others. Boko Haram is a typical example. People without hope in the future have no reason whatsoever to respect the rights and lives of those with hope and future no matter how gained.

Nigerians must begin to think about the legacy we are leaving our future generations and be sure that we are not creating a world where the most criminal minded will continue to rule the roost.

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