The Mole/Enemy Within Or Outside GEJ’s Cabinet!



The past few weeks have seen a number of highly secret official letters addressed to Mr President leaked to the Nigerian press and almighty social media. The big questions are; who is the mole within and outside GEJ’s cabinet, what is the motive for the leaks, is GEJ right to allegedly ask Sanusi to resign while the people who allegedly delayed, embezzled or stole the missing money, many of his scandal laden ministers and lieutenants are still holding tight their positions?

When news broke about that ballistic missile of a letter from OBJ to GEJ, the nation was in uproar. The presidency initially attempted to douse the inferno by stating that they did not wish to join issues with Baba OBJ (mind you OBJ is one of those sinners of our time who like many of his ilk suddenly turned ridiculous saint as soon as they left or were forced out of office, in OBJ’s case thanks to Nnamani who halted his attempt to become a life President like Mugabe).

Then came the explosive shocking alleged rejoinder by IYABO followed by the infantile “prove it then” `response from the Presidency which OBJ has yet to fully respond to. Reading through IYABO’S expose’ I wondered what my children think about me. I would be very hurt if they have any negative views of me but are not saying anything. I would rather I be told privately than be exposed to national ridicule. It will be nice to get it right in my life time than go home not knowing how sad I had left them.

Meanwhile, Oduah’s BMW saga is still boiling with no sign of evaporating completely. Another leak which obviously forced the report to the public domain is claimed to have recommended her sack but there is no sign that the Presidency is taking the recommendations seriously. She is rather getting on with her job with more allegations of forged certificate now raising their ugly heads. Oh! I forgot that rather puerile and totally laughable denial and claims of opposition witch hunting by her PA in London which caused someone to protest against an award to her in London. And of course, the claim by her admirers and supporters that tribe centric bigoted Yoruba and Hausa are after her because she is Igbo.

Now, the latest bomb shell is that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s (SLS) letter expressing concerns over non remittance of funds is claimed to have been leaked to OBJ by Sanusi. Of course he denies it. It wasn’t him. I wonder if this is another Shaba Ranks denial of totally sincere.

Then the fifth leak the heated telephone argument/conversation between GEJ and SLS when GEJ was alleged to have angrily ordered SLS to resign.  Sanusi as expected and as always is admirably standing his ground as always.

The big questions are: how did a private official telephone conversation between GEJ (boss) and SLS (staff) become public knowledge, who is the mole leaking all these official secrets, what is their motive and where do we go from here?

Additionally, is GEJ right to be mute on those who have delayed in remitting or embezzling our petroleum funds, Oduah and others and then order SLS to resign? Should he be angry with SLS or those who have been causing him serious embarrassments?  If all these are true does he still have the moral authority to demand anyone to resign and who in truth should be resigning? Is there one law for those who support corruption and others who do not?

Assuming that GEJ requests our lawmakers to move a motion to remove SLS, given the rapid decamping to APC by PDP lawmakers and the consequent depletion of PDP majority in the Assembly coupled with the fact that many of our lawmakers have their own issues and would not like anyone to start looking into their businesses, do the lawmakers still have the controlling power to remove SLS and if they do, where is the moral authority here?

Would our lawmakers still have the confidence to embark on such a journey after their recommendation on Oduah was igniored and if they do, would GEJ be justified to remove the messenger/whistle blower SLS while nothing has happened re Odua?

Then what does JCO know. She is a penniless angry middle age parrot without power or common sense that is spewing dirt on everyone for nothing other than that she is in Diaspora and hate people with power, money and influence. Just Ignore her.  Another business please.

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