Thank God, I Am Getting Divorced At Last!

Friends, I am very very very sorry to disappoint you but I am eventually getting divorced. It was a very hard decision to make and one that I did not make lightly.

I took lengthy professional advice and counselling to come to the convincing conclusion that given all the surrounding circumstances especially my age, it was the best thing to do. The mental and emotional abuse and their impact on my self-confidence and aesthetics were so heavy that only a fool will continue to live so dangerously.

So on 4th November, I reluctantly with deep emotional distress and regrets filed the papers with the requisite fees. I was assured that given my determination to end the relationship as expeditiously as possible and the other party’s defenceless position, the decree nisi will be out within six weeks and this will be followed by the decree absolute six weeks after. The professionals could not believe my resolve. They have been very supportive.

Given that this is a relationship which has lasted many years, one would expect me to be sad but believe it or not I am my happiest in years. My mental and emotional states seem to be at their bests and my self-confidence is admirably sneaking back on me. I just can’t wait for this to be totally over.

But please friends no introductions to eligible bachelors. I will be a fool to try again. In my opinion, it will be like an appointment or date with the enemy or hell. I am really looking forward to the new me in three months and will share my experiences with you.

By the way the divorce is with my tormentor, oppressor and enemy of my own choice “MR FOOD”.


Do not be upset with me please. I thought that I should get you wound up and then laugh when I land my punch line.

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  1. Anonymous
    December 18, 2013 at 05:39


    December 26, 2013 at 05:23

    Hey Chika,
    I am happy that you are blogging now. Talking about food, it could be a friend or an enemy depending how we eat. Everybody loves food but at a certain age, people should modify the way they eat and make life changes generally. We are actually what we put into our bodies. I think instead of dieting, the best thing is to strive to eat right and make it a way of life. (Easier said than done). To keep fit and remain healthy we have to unfortunately deal with two evils eating right and exercise. Body by VI 90 days challenge is doable but are we going to be drinking protein shakes morning, afternoon and night for 90 days? It becomes boring after a while no matter the amount of flavors you add to vary the test. If you want a crash diet for a short period of time, go for it but the best thing is to eat healthy diets. Remember that this requires hard work, discipline and determination.

    I wish everybody a healthy 2014.

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