Stop press!! GEJ is not running for Presidency in 2015.

Assuming that the above is true and GEJ steps down as GEJPresident or gives up his 2015 ambition, who among the current PDP or APC ranks do you think will be best able to lead the PDP or APC to victory in 2015 and lead Nigeria peacefully without Nigeria continuing to be exposed to the level of politically sponsored violence which Boko Haram and their godfathers have been unleashing on Nigeria under GEJ’s leadership?

I ask this question because I fear that unless we settle the question of National Dialogue or Sovereign National Conference soon and before 2015, whoever gets into Aso Rock may be unable to give us the political and economic stability we crave and quite rightly deserve.

Asari Dokugbo who says that Ijaws are not Nigerians because they are of the Ijaw nation and not part of the county Nigeria which is a contraption of our selfish colonial fathers has promised to make Nigeria ungovernable if GEJ does not win in 2015. I still wonder what the basis of his claim may be and if Nigeria is likely to be able to defend herself from any invasion by Ijaw nation, an independent nation.

Many of the Northern Oligarchs from days long gone by are alleged to be secretly fuming about GEJ or anyone else remaining in power now and beyond 2015 and have equally promised to give us more hell than Boko Haram if one of theirs is not in Aso Rock. By the look of things APC is not likely to be able to produce a Northern consensus candidate because of the influence of their leadership, Emperor Tinubu and others within their ranks. Some people are predicting a fall out within the APC leadership before 2015 and the middle belt, the so much acclaimed hub of Northern power is claimed to be supporting GEJ. This is a bit of dilemma for the APC.

If this is the case, how then ca we safely attend to the difficulties this situation is likely to present? Who will be acceptable as a compromise candidate by the North South, East, West and Ijaw Nation?

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