Stop the Lies Tell the Truth


The issue of whether tribes, regions and faiths should have the autonomy to lead themselves or remain under one rule have always been at the bottom of every problem we have had in Nigeria. Our leaders know the truth but won’t face it. Citizens know the truth but won’t broach it. No one wants to be seen as a troublesome separatist. But look where our silence and lies have brought us.

How much longer can our see evil speak no evil attitude hold us together or apart? Why are we still following archaic traditions of our forefathers? Have we really come of age as many of us would like to claim? I do not personally think so because once you mention the name or condemn the conduct of any Nigerian who is not of your tribe or religion the same people who claim to have emancipated with the exception of a very few will all come out daggers drawn ready to draw blood. No objectivity at all. Therefore the claims of oneness may simply be facades which continue to promote deceptive modern day political correctness ideology and not genuine emancipation or love for one another.

If you feel that I am wrong“why are we still falling for repugnant practices that were tolerated in the dark ages because of ignorance while at the same time saying that we are now and futuristic people” Why is Boko Haram seeking an Islamic nation in today’s world where majority of the people in Nigeria are Christians and our Northern elders are silent? Why did many of our fine erudite Islamic elder statesmen not stand up for Nigeria and call Boko Haram to order before they nearly massacred us and brought Nigeria to global ridicule? Yes Boko Haram may not be true Muslims but since they said that they are fighting in the name of Islam why did you not immediately deny connections with them and pledge your support to snuff them out with our government? Why are some of my Igbo people maintaining silence while some of our young people are rightly or wrongly agitating for the state of Biafra and Yorubas for Oduduwa? Mind you Igbos and Yorubas have their ideas and speak about it but we must give them credit for not unleashing violence on us yet.  

There are so many questions to answer which can only get answers if we answer truthfully. If anyone springs up claiming to be fighting for the Catholic faith which I belong to, I expect the pope to deny them and assist the world in finding and handing them over to the authorities. The silence of the pope and elders of the Catholic Church in my mind will mean connivance with them and I will personally wash my hands off them and the pope.

 So my Northern and Muslims siblings must stop blaming other Nigerians for having a negative view of them over Boko Haram and rather join hands to uproot Boko Haram. From your actions we will know where you stand. Since history, nearly every violent agitation against Nigeria have emanated from the North. This in my mind justifies the condemnation of Northern leaders for their supposed born to rule attitude. If they are not benefiting from the violence or instigating then they better start speaking up better. They seem to be allowing these people some of whom I understand are graduates who go and get radicalised in Sudan to malign the name of Islam and get away with it but expect Nigerians to applaud them. I sincerely believe that in order for Nigerians to have confidence in your honesty and trust that you no longer share Othman Danfodio’s born to rule ideology, still do not see other Nigerians as infidels who must be converted or wiped out and secretly encouraging your overly marginalised and brainwashed militant younger generations to take up arms against other Nigerians, you need to do more. Nigerians need to know who is arming and feeding Boko Haram.

If we are really telling the truth as it is, would it be unreasonable to expect our Northern elders, leaders and elites to be sitting together and agreeing plans for the future which will rein in their young and help them to cart the way forward for the future. No. Many of them are busy playing politics with us in the hope that we will never know what is going on. How sad. Does this not tell us how educated but yet so illiterate some of our older generations are. A whole Emir threatened secession if he was not given his way at the CONFAB but if any smaller Nigerian who is not of Northern extraction (apart from Asari Dokugbo of course) says the same heaven will go loose.

Our leaders and Northern elders know the truth but prefer the violent ignorance of our fathers which then seemed acceptable. They are forgetting that the world has moved on and will no longer condone ignorance and violence as tools of control over people who know better.

Northerners get really agitated whenever anyone mentions that they have a “born to rule attitude”. I would like to deal with this point because only the truth can set us free. How do you address the issue that an elder statesman from the north publicly said without fear or shame that if he did not win the election he will make Nigeria ungovernable? Why would anyone who believes in genuine democracy and respects the rights of others to lead and be led utter such inflammatory seditious ignorance and still want my respect and trust. If he did not believe that it is his right to lead and no one else has a say in it, why on earth would he make such a statement.

Then he did not win the election and Boko Haram arose from their hell holes massacring our Corpers, Christians and none Northerners like flies. Nigeria was in uproar condemning the madness of these terrorists but the same elder who made the statement failed to call them to order. Boko Haram invariably mistook this for support and began to extend their tentacles killing innocent people and destroying properties.  Yet these people were silent and only blamed the leadership of Nigeria for not providing protection for citizens. Then when our paralytic government woke from their slumber and began to repel these animals, the same elders claimed that the response was too high handed and threatened to take the government to international human rights courts to get redress for people who have been killing other citizens without fear. How absurd? The government offered negotiations but these terrorists turned it down with the only demand that we all convert to Islam. When their demands could not be met, they intensified their senseless violent campaign taking lives, destroying properties and then the final nail on the coffin came when they abducted innocent schools girls’ majority of who are Christians and have been supposedly converted to Islam.

The news of their conversion was in the public domain before that outrageously ignorant video by Shekau hit the webs, they are eating and training and posting their taunting videos on the web and yet no one knows where they are? Who is fooling who?

The pontification at the federal government continued with threats and embarrassing accusations from some of our Northern elites and elders yet our Northern elders were not condemning Boko Haram and demanding the return of the children.

The table turned when foreign governments took notice and offered to help us in the search for the girls. Then out came the elders talking at last condemning Boko Haram and distancing themselves from them.  The big question is why did they wait so long? Do they think that if they had joined forces with citizens and government that Boko Haram would have been bold enough to continue the way they have. Is this late demonstration of support to save their skins and divert the attention of the international communities from investigating and implicating them in the Boko haram madness or genuine show of solidarity against evil? Time will tell.

While still waiting for the return of our girls Boko Haram has struck again killing and maiming innocent people in Kano and Jos throwing the nation into chaos.

Looking at these things, why would anyone still want other Nigerians to believe that our Northern brothers of the older generation do not have a born to rule mentality? If they can maintain silence for so long and continue to talk about power when other Nigerians are dying, how do they want to give us confidence to trust them as believing in true democracy by merit not terror and intimidation?

Given the events of the past few days which angered me a lot, I have come to the conclusion that the only way out of our situation is a genuine conversation by younger Nigerians about the future of Nigeria together or apart. I am not sure why we remain afraid to talk about these things.

If it is the oil money, then there is nothing wrong with discussing and sharing it as reasonably as possible but the situation cannot be allowed to continue.

The truth Nigerians do not and may never accept is that no single tribe can win a democratic election to lead Nigeria without the support of all or one of the other two tribes. This means that if Igbo and Yoruba come together as a group and decide that no Hausa man will lead Nigeria ever again, no matter the number of Nigerian and foreign Boko Harams Northerners may want to train and bring into Nigeria to fight them, they will never win. The same is also true that if Hausa and Igbo or Yoruba and Hausa come together to vote for each other without one of the three, no amount of intimidation, violence or discrimination by MASSOB, MENDE OR OPC can give power to the one outside the ring.

So we need each other and where we cannot live side by side in a civilised manner then we should all go our separate ways and live in peace with each other as neighbours. I can imagine and deal with my neighbour invading my territory for any reason but cannot imagine or accept my brother or sister who should be loving and protecting me from enemies invading my home and trying to finish me and my family simply because I refuse to allow them to freedom to continue to control me because we no longer live in primitive times. I am not asking for eternal power but a share of time in office not even on the basis of my tribe or religion but on merit for the greater good of Nigeria or my home. I therefore cannot see any wrong in every Nigerian wishing to have a bite at leadership.

I must urge my Northern siblings to read this write up with total objectivity and ask themselves how they would feel if all violent revolutions justified or unjustified erupt from Yoruba or Igbo land and Hausas and Muslims are the usual targets. Would they be happy if their brothers and sisters who they have done nothing wrong to begin to kill them just because they want them to become Christians or something similar and their host Igbo and Yoruba elders and leaders are silent or only choose to condemn and stop their people when they start killing them too?

I think that in order to answer these questions we need to begin the conversation about our future together or apart. Until we do so and stop being afraid to say our minds and ask for answers the situation may get totally out of hand and we will all have no hiding place from our children.


4 comments for “Stop the Lies Tell the Truth

    May 22, 2014 at 18:04

    This another masterpiece in the series of write-up that hits the nail right on the head, concerning the disraceful, hypocritical and deceptive lives of our mischievous and self-centered policy makers. If the north is unwilling to see reason on the fact that no kingdom lasts forever, and that Nigeria belongs to all of us. Then we should all rise and fight for a place we can separately call our own country. No one component of this nation is ready to undergo what we went through in the over 38 years the north has consistently held on to the leadership of this nation. Every part of this country is as important as the other. It is either we remain with respect and partictipation of all in leadership or we go our separate ways. Its still early now.

  2. Editor
    May 22, 2014 at 19:33

    Thanks Ojaychibson, The truth is always hard to swallow but its got to be told. Nigerians have got to get real or forget peace and unity returning to our country ever again. We are not far away from Somalia or Afghanistan but whether you avoid their dilemma is entirely our choice.

  3. Chris O. Nwaorah
    May 23, 2014 at 01:06

    My Learned Colleague,

    This piece needs to be published in an European Newspaper, be it Vanguard or whichever.

    The truth should be embraced and told to the whole world. In the words of Noble Prize Winner on Literature, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, she said, We have to tell your own stories on how it is. To stop our story being scripted by someone else.

    We from the South Eastern Nigeria: The Igbos will like to know: Where is The PEACE ACCORD agreed upon and signed by ALL African Heads of State in Aburi, Ghana?

    It’s time to ask General Yakubu Gowon, the ex- President of Nigeria from the North, WHERE ARE THE DOCUMENTS OF THE PEACE ACCORD REACHED IN GHANA since 1967?

    May the souls of the over 3.5 milliion Igbo people massacred in the war rest because they requested, Nigeria, why massacreing human beings?

  4. Ikenna R. Nwabueze
    May 23, 2014 at 18:57

    Thank you Jenny for the candid TRUTH. In my view the problem is that our values have been eroded over the years by the endemic corruption in all spheres of life.
    Leadership (community, local councils,state and federal ) in the country can be likened to that story of the foolish king that paraded the town in his birthday suit and none of his trusted aides told him the truth for fear of the repercussions.
    We all have to share in the blame for the Nigeria we are preparing for our children.
    If only we are able to get a dozen or two good men or women into government and with prayer these group could successfully convert those with a good heart presently in government.
    I would like to see articles like yours referenced in editorials of the major newspapers in Nigeria. This frank reminder should be placed before every Nigerian who has the capacity to make a positive change.

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