Shall We Please Pause For A Moment?


What is going on my people?global movement

Please can we all stop and think for a moment? Where are we going and how do we plan to get there? What is happening to us? Why the violence, killing and maiming? If we must engage in violence to force our ways into political offices where are we going to stop and how are we going to conduct 2015 elections. If the violence has already started with our lawmakers and security agents shooting and pelting one another with live bullets and our elders behaving like children, what are we going to do to remain in office? Drown every Nigerian and have no country to call ours anymore?

Please can we all stop and ask ourselves what leadership, politics and democracy are all about? Who owns power? Politicians or the people? And must you die or kill to serve your own people?

The past few weeks have seen OBJ against GEJ and the PDP. Iyabo against OBJ, GEJ and SLS against each other, APC against PDP and PDP against themselves, citizens against one another, massive unemployment, none at all or inadequate infrastructural development and today or yesterday depending on where you are we have seen the shooting of another politician in River State. Please forget whether he is a member of PDP or APC. Just think about the fact that he is one of us, a Nigerian, someone else’s son, brother, uncle and father. Just one of us.

If we gave a politicians power or he snatched power from us and he/she has achieved little while concentrating on continuing to stay in office leaving a trail of destruction as they go along, then what are they offering us this time and why must we give them a chance? What are they likely to do with power this time around? Many of us were not born with power but we are still here and plodding along comfortably. So why must you die or kill others for power?

Is it not time to think about the future we are creating for Nigeria and the legacy we inherited from our fathers and be sure that we are on the right part to leave a greater better legacy for your children and their generations?

Are your ambitions still democratic or purely selfish? Please stop and think because I am getting really really tired reading about these things.We must rise above these things.

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