Remembering a rare Jewel of the Niger, Hon. Oby Nwodo


Today, with head still full of questions, eyes fighting back tears, heart still broken but full of joy and gratitude to God for an exemplary life well spent; I remember and celebrate a woman of conscience, courage, honour and integrity. She passed this way for a short time but like the benevolent wave from the blue sea, she touched many lives leaving behind, a legacy that will never die.

She was a daughter, a sister, a woman, a wife, a mother and above all, queen of hearts, souls and kindness. In her eyes and mind, everyone was equal and therefore treated equally with love and respect.  She was my rare jewel of the Niger who I adored, loved and respected immeasurably.

I met her through marriage but she became a sister, a confidant and a young mum to me, a woman just a few years younger than her. I looked up to her and learnt a lot from her outstanding and very sense of calm in the face of every, and anything no matter how troublesome they may be. She was loved by many of us who had the privilege to know or meet her.

We were all shocked when one year today that fearless thief of the night placed its cold hands on her and snatched her from us. Many of us were inconsolable. I was like a lost child aimlessly crying and walking through the streets of London. I caused big stares but just could not help myself. I was lost. My pains were hard to bear because I had to pretend to be strong in order to give strength to her nearest and dearests. It was a very difficult time which taught me how hard it can be to keep trying to smile while holding back tears.

In all, I can only but thank God for her life and send all my love to her husband, children and siblings. She is gone from here but she is still very green in our hearts. She left a glowing legacy and etched the names of you families in the annals of history.

At her funeral she was extolled by old and young as the incorruptible judge, a woman of outstanding grace, candour and character, a role model t many and star of all stars. What better way to extol someone who was yours then, now and forever?

As you ponder over the events of one year ago, may you draw strength from knowing how much she was loved and how much we think about all of you with the same love she thought us to give at all times? May the love you shared and the affection she particularly radiated remain your joy forever and until we all meet again in that heavenly realm she is presently resting in the bosom of the Lord while looking down on you as caring as ever.

May her kind gentle admirable soul continue to rest in perfect peace?

Chika© 6/8/14



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