You have a right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you in evidence.


It might interest many tribe and religion blind Nigerians of descent dispositions and integrity to know that upon seeing Dr Ariyo’s comments, I immediately contacted him to seek an urgent resolution of the matter with a view to obtaining a simple apology from him. Sadly, he did not seem to appreciate the gravity of the damage his conduct was about to cause him. Upon reading his first response to me, I worked out that this man may be arrogant or inept to a point of imminent self destruction.
Accordingly, I advised him that it was in his best interest to seek legal advice. He did not seem to appreciate the extent of his exposure and the dangers thereon and went ahead to self defend and as suspected exposed himself to the disdain and caricature of his readers.
Upon seeing his response I sent him the following message pointing out some of the weaknesses of his response. I guess that they scared him because he never came back to me.
I intend to serialise and publish my full 7 page conversation with him on my personal website as soon as I get a moment. The point of this is to warn “us”about the power of written words and the importance of seeking legal advice where you are not sure. I know that it can be quite expensive but a stitch in time saves nine. I would rather pay $1000.00 for an hour consultation and assistance than expose myself so much that I run the risk of losing my licence.
Again, as a person in difficulty, there is a tendency to lie in order to cover our tracks. We are after all human beings who most often are blinded by the desire of to hold on to the dictates of the first law of nature: self preservation which then sadly gets us into bigger trouble.
My advice therefore is, if you do not want to or cannot afford legal advice when in difficulty, say nothing at all it is your right to do so. You must always bear in mind that no matter how competent you may feel as a liar, there are trained minds and career lawyers and liars smarter than you who will catch you even in their sleeps. So never write in anger or without thinking things through. If you do apologise or say nothing until you speak to your lawyers.

“Dear Dr Ariyo,
As you would recall, I advised you to seek legal advice on your position before putting out anything in the media. These matters are usually as simple as they appear to the ordinary mind but can be torn apart by legal minds.
I have read your response in detail and can assure you that it is riddled with inconsistencies which can tear apart any defense you think that you may have.
There are many incriminating comments but I will not go into them in great details now. I am rather keen to resolve this very privately and informally so that we do not start a war we cannot finish.
My first questions to you as a “legal objective person” without any interest in the matter would be as follows: when did you become aware that your account had been hacked and such malicious inciting comments have been attributed to you? Did you report it to FB Admin, when and what was the response? If I subject the comments to forensic examination to get the source including the IP number of the computer and location where they was sent from, is there any possibility that they might be linked to your personal computer or handset? If for any reason the result connects your computer and location to the comments does anyone other than you have access to your computer which may mean that they could have maliciously sent that out to the world?
If so what measures have you taken to firm up your security and have you reported the hack to the authorities being FB and Police? If as I have it on record I say to you that you made the comments but did not at the time anticipate the response and you are very close friends with any of the commentators how would you answer?
You see, although being Igbo with friends and relatives in Lagos who may have become victims of any jungle justice attacks arising from your comments, I should have personal interest in this matter and go on a rampage calling for actions against you, I am determined to remain objective about how i view your comments. However, I must say that any attempt to pull the wool over my eyes is bound to irk me up no matter how rational i want to be and this applies to other interested parties.
The calibre of learned Igbos who are angry about your views cannot be under estimated. I am therefore sure that many of them must be poking holes on your response as I am doing and possibly concluding that although you indirectly apologised for any distress the comments supposedly attributed to you may have caused, you are minded not to be really sorry and the attitude reflects what you believe in and stand for. The only difference is that this time you have been caught and need to fight for your professional life and reputation.
I will rest my case here and hope that you will look at the situation in the round and be certain that when subjected to strict scrutiny your response will stand the test of time and good conscience.
I am currently consulting with a few people and whatever action we agree to take will depend on how you respond to my additional pointers which of course you have no duty to respond to. I must however say that if you fail to deal with this properly and a successful application for disclosure of the source of the information reveals that the views are indeed yours, you will not only be professionally embarrassed for holding such views but also be seen as a liar. In England this is likely to cause you a lot of aggression from the relevant regulatory body and possible ban from practice

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