The rebirth of fascism in Europe thanks to the silence of some leaders of Islam

The Le Pen family in France have always been very clear about their stand on fascism and I respect them for being honest and open about their beliefs.  You are always better off knowing where you stand with people.

What have been very exemplary and reassuring though are the consistent rebuff, resistance and solidarity of respectable French men and women who stands for equality, fairness and justice.  This has meant that until last week, the past concerted attempts of the Le Pens to institutionalise fascism and take us back to the dark ages failed woefully.

The tide has however suddenly begun to change in favour of the Le Pen family. Their increased support at the last election must not be taken for granted. I fear that it may not be long before their dreams become reality. Many people of course would not have difficulties understanding why.  The answer is clear. Much as many French people and Europe have a duty to respect the rights of others and not be racist or fascist, they have the right not to be cowed or abused in their own homes because of their kindness. They can use whatever is legitimately available to them to defend themselves. This time they have used their votes. 

The events of the past year and most recently the slaughter of innocent French citizens many of whom were also Muslims and ordinary citizens who have relentlessly fought the Le Pen family’s ambition through the polls are unbelievably evil. They totally make the biggest mockery of the kindness of citizens who survived that attack and would have to live in fear of their safety and security forever.  There is no need for racism and fascism but if anyone thinks that they have monopoly of inane arrogance, ignorance and violence, then they must recognise that others have the right to defend themselves too albeit through civilised means not violence like many people think.  

There are many people like the Le Pen’s of this world. I used to wonder about their mindsets. However, given the events in France and the outcome of the elections, I now wonder whether I have all along been wrong about my trust in the conscience of man and the desire to create an equal,  Just and safe society for all.

Whatever view anyone decides to take, the events in France is a call to action and question of our consciences and beliefs.

Finally, is it time to control the excesses of criminals who hide behind religion to unleash havoc on humanity or time to stand together and bury their bigotry?  The time is now and tomorrow may be too late.



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