Raping, Maiming and Killing in the name of Religion

I am sure that upon reading this post, many people will jump up in defense of their faiths. There is nothing wrong about that. It is natural to defend what we believe in no matter how horrible they may sound or be. But please be assured that there is no intention to blaspheme or malign any religion. I believe in freedom of worship and religion. I therefore respect every faith and will always challenge everyone to do the same. That is the only way we can enjoy harmonious coexistence without belonging to the same faith or killing each other.

Last two weeks the Emir of Gombe in Nigeria was slaughtered by the cowards, Boko Haram who parades themselves as sanctimonious men of high morality under the name of Islam. Many other high ranking well respected Islamic leaders have also been attacked and killed in the past. Some escaped unharmed. Others were critically injured and may still die as a result of their injuries.

Thank God for the rising of many high ranking Islamic leaders all over the world who spoke up against Boko Haram in Nigeria and distanced themselves from them. They made clear that Boko Haram does not represent Islam and their behaviour is unIslamic. Before then and the arrival of international forces who are desirous of helping Nigeria to rescue our girls, many supposed selfless high ranking Muslim leaders in Nigerian were silent and never had the courage to denounce Boko Haram. That silence may have been misinterpreted as approval by Boko Haram. I understand that Boko Haram in their little minds had stated that the only basis upon which they will stop violence against innocent people is the ISLAMISATION OF NIGERIA otherwise it is a Jihad. I would have thought that our Muslim leaders would have seized that opportunity to denounce them. No they did not. They saw that as an opportunity for political point scoring and maintained silence. Their silence unfortunately is continuing to empower Boko Haram uncontrollably.

Looking at the Number of Muslims that Boko Haram have killed and will continue to kill, are there still any basis for Boko Harams to claim that they are fighting for Allah, a supreme being who is greater than all of us and capable of fighting for himself? Is there still any justification in pretending that their struggle is a Jihad? Jihad in my understanding is war against unbelievers. How can they kill their own faithful brothers and sisters and still want us to believe them? I think that it is time for our elders to tell the truth behind Boko Haram and speak up against evil or they will be consumed by their own monstrous creations.

Unless and until we face the truth about the dangers of religious extremism and guide our children and followers in honesty, glory and grace, more of us whether high or low profiled will die and continue to die at the hands of people we have coerced against humanity, conscience, common sense and consciousness.

Today, a high profile Kenyan Muslim cleric has been murdered by ruthless young killers who claim that he was a traitor. Sadly, many more such people will die at the hands of people they have a duty to guide aright but fail to do so because of their political ambitions dressed like religious convictions.

But why is this happening? Out of hypocrisy, selective justice and judgment and desire to rule while others watch, many religious leaders have always chosen the path of silence over conscience, humanity and justice because they feel that so long as they are in control all is well.

Today, our world is changing. People are becoming more aware and liking what years back were considered the preserves of the rich and famous. The rich and famous are unfortunately still living in delusion thinking that it is still business as usual. No it is not. Therefore unless you stand up and speak the truth, you are going to become victims of your own creations someday soon. People are rising against ignorance and those who have traded on ignorance as a tool of self-emancipation and aggrandizement while destroying others will one day pay the price for their greed and selfishness.

Well, I will repeat it is no longer business as usual. Therefore unless faith leaders stand up and speak against evil, the children they raised with severe brainwashing will soon begin to turn their swords against them and they will soon become like those that needlessly died on the sword of their wards.


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