Raped To Death!


Barely a year ago men and women were out in force in front of the Indian Embassy in London protesting the death of a young Indian girl who was raped to death in India. The press was awash with condemnations that even comatose humans could have heard the hues and cries of women from all over the world. I have been following the progress of events on that case and would reluctantly (because I  believe in the sanctity of life and therefore condemn death sentence) say that justice can be said to have been done in some way. I was beginning to think that our robust response was a big wake up call to many leaders in the world especially Indian, Somalian, Congolese and other governments but I was wrong.

Now there is another death and this time the rapists were so bold and audacious that they returned the second time asking the girl’s parents to withdraw the complaint against them or they will kill their child. The girl and her family are peasant travelers from another part of India and the police took little or no interest in their complaint. The animals have made good their threat and another girl is dead with six animals behind bars. If the police acted quickly, this girl may still be here.

My questions is, did she have to die for the animals to be caged away? Did the police have to ignore the family without providing the  much needed protection for the girl until she was raped again and set alight? What is the point of the police presence around the girls slum? Is the treatment this family received from the Indian government fair and just? Would they have treated other middle class Indian families or family members of their leaders the same way they treated this child and her family? Well, I leave you to judge and will here again reiterate my clear position on justice, equality, fairness and respect for the rights and dignity of the most vulnerable in society.

Until every man and woman is safe to walk our streets without fear of death, rape, kidnapping, inhuman and degrading treatment, no man or woman anywhere in the world is safe.  Additionally, until world leaders stop treating violence against women with levity, deaths of this nature will remain a scourge on the consciences of leaders who turn a blind eye. Posterity will judge everyone who is complicit in this conspiracy of silence.  May her soul rest in peace. 

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    January 7, 2014 at 07:56

    Just keep highlighting issues like this..sooner or later someone in power will get fed up and do something about it.

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