Prison For Gays And Thumbs Up For Pedophiles. What A Hypocrisy?


Nigerian government like Rwanda on Monday outlawed homosexuality. Being gay now attracts time in prison and perhaps jungle justice and Aluu4 type killing by usually overzealous sanctimonious creeps who themselves are often more immoral and evil than their victims.

Many Nigerians have condemned the new law questioning its necessity at a time when many pressing issues including; employment, power, lack of medical care for the sick, children and the elderly, hunger and poverty which should be priority abound. Many Nigerians have also expressed their disgust over the act of homosexuality and welcomed the new law.

As many people obviously know, I am pro choice. I therefore believe that what two adults do behind their closed doors has nothing whatsoever to do with me. As a result, I am totally opposed to any such interference with people’s private lives and choices or punishment of the type this new law recommends.

Sex between two or even more consenting adults is a harmless act and I see no reason why anyone should be punished for the harmless choices they make. Just as many of us do not understand why some people are gay, gay people may also not understand how and why some people are heterosexual. Why then some of us may arrogate to themselves the right to decide what sexual choices are lawful or unlawful beggars’ belief. The excuse of culture and tradition in my view is utter nonsense.

Looking at the various problems facing our country today, I consider the often bizarre attitude of our lawmakers in matters of sex quite weird and worrying. How does this new law compare to early child marriage law.

Last year Nigeria was nearly on fire because of the failed attempt of our Senators to delete section 29(4)(b) of our Constitution after Yerima successfully argued that any law which will interfere with his ability to continue with his sexual deviance and depravity was an attack on his religion. Our Senators gave us various reasons why he won that vote. One of them even cried begging our forgiveness because he pressed the wrong button. The Senate President was alleged to have stated that they were blackmailed into conceding that argument and promised that it will be revisited in future. To date the Senate has not revisited the topic and I hear that Yerima as usual has divorced his young Egyptian wife and married another Egyptian baby. Only God knows what has become of the first Egyptian child bride and what our Lawmakers have to say about this development. Now I understand why Yerima was running scared at the thought of the deletion of that section of the Constitution. It may have interfered with the ability of his new child bride to claim Nigerian citizenship as his bride. I hope that our Lawmakers are thinking fast and wonder how many more kids he will destroy before they wake up.

My question then is this; why is a harmless consensual act between two adults illegal but it is legal for pedophiles to harmfully defile, destroy and condemn children to a life time of pain and suffering and sometimes death. Why should people engaged in acts which cause no physical, mental or emotional injury to anyone be severely punished for the convenience of many people who themselves have their weaknesses and oddities which they are managing to hide from society because of the positions and power they hold and wield.

I think that it is about time our leaders begin to get their priorities right. They should leave sex alone and deal with power, water, roads, health care, education and other pressing problems. Anyone congratulating our lawmakers and Mr President because of their religious, moral, traditional or cultural beliefs is reminded that we practice democracy not theocracy and our constitutions makes clear that wherever there is a conflict between religion and law,law in accordance with our constitution takes precedence. So the basis of any new law must never be religion or morals. Morality is not law and law is not morality.

Stand up against hypocrisy and be counted. Silence no more. Evil thrive because good people are silent.

2 comments for “Prison For Gays And Thumbs Up For Pedophiles. What A Hypocrisy?

  1. sade olomu
    January 15, 2014 at 08:35

    Jenny, great write up. I sgree with you. I don’t know why the lives of two consenting adults should be at the forefront of our country’s agenda. Who are the gays harming? In what way do these relationships affect our lives? Why are we not dealing with paedophilia with this same rigour? There are certainly more pressing issues than this, and I do not agree with the imprisonment of two adults who have harmed no one. This new law takes Nigeria back to 30 years ago, yet we say we are civilised country..

    January 15, 2014 at 09:02

    Aunty Jenny you have done it once again but pls Aunty don’t you know in whatever we did our religion must be given priority knowing fully well that we strictly abide it and never go on contrary.I believed doing otherwise we lead us no where but to hell fire.

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