Is the presumed or real silence of Nigeria over Booko Haram right?

Is GEJ right not to have blown the lid off the faces of Boko Haram sponsors and let us know who our enemies are? Remember that he declared that Boko Haram has infiltrated his government at every level. If they are minded to make Nigeria ungovernable, why must our President be considerate in dealing with them? Would it not be right to expose and treat them as the criminals they are?

Is the presumed silence and inaction of Nigeria giving Boko Haram the wrong impression and fueling their arrogance, ignorance and continuing audacious killing and abduction sprees? More Nigerians killed yesterday and others now refugees in Cameroun at a time of peace in Nigeria. Is this right?

Is this fight against ignorance Jonathan’s alone or should all of us not just Jonathan been doing or have done more? Have we failed our children, People of Chibok and ourselves and endangered our future?

Whether the abduction of these girls was real or stage managed do you think that as a parent or parents you have done enough just like you would have done if your daughter went to sit an exam and have not returned?

How much longer can we wait before we stop or allow Boko Haram to turn into the ISIS of Iraq and send many of us to our early graves?

Whatever stand you have taken, do you think that you can live with it forever?

Finally, since Boko Haram seems to be afraid of bees and scorpions more than they are of our soldiers, what about importing bees and scorpions from wherever we can and letting them loose in the forest? That may at least force Boko Haram onto the streets, set free our girls and let us see the real faces of Boko Haram.

Since life has become unbearable in Chibok, what about Jonathan declaring the area a war zone, evacuating the poor frightened Chibok people and unleashing real havoc on anything left after the genuine people have been temporarily resettled? This is on the proviso that we support our government instead of crying foul because of political or religious leanings.

In my view, our failure to act expediently and now will remain a moral indictment for all of us forever. Therefore we cannot allow this to go on forever. I believe that the idea of this wait and see game is to stretch things into February 2015 and turn our election into war. We have suffered enough and will be foolish to sit and watch.

Let us all act now and saver our country or live to regret the perils of tribalism and religious bigotry. Boko Haram has lost their ethnic and religious complexion and become a problem for all of us regardless of where we come from or  religion. Citizens must therefore join our government in fighting for our freedom from a violent minority. Everyone must step in. It is no longer a fight for GEJ. We all have a role to play and must start now.

Have a good day.



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