President Buhari AKA “Baba Go Slow” and his slow selection or appointment of members of his cabinet

Why is this son of Nigeria who to some is Mr. Integrity and therefore the long awaited anti-corruption Messiah and others, a Muslim Fundamentalist on a revenge mission to exterminate some and Islamise Nigeria, taking so long to select or appoint his cabinet?

Is it that the culture and era of compensation/reward for impunity, corruption and political radicalism are over and many of the usual gang of interlopers who have been holding Nigeria ransom are no longer fit for purpose or that he is simply being mean and do not want to compensate the team of rascals who ran into the APC for shelter from the impending “operation clean up Nigeria tsunami heading our way”?

I wonder ohhh! Baba, please hurry up and compensate the usual boys and girls and let the enjoyment and impunity continue. We are used to that life style and not coping with this difficult life of discipline and sanity you are trying to bring in. We were able to cope with it under your 1984-85 War against Indiscipline because we were afraid of your guns. Many of us have eaten and drank so much from the poisoned chalice of corruption in the past 16 years that we are not coping at all. We cannot even flaunt our loot anymore without the risk of being probed and going to prison.

No baba, this is just not the standard we have become accustomed to. You are even talking about cleaning up the environmental mess in Niger Delta and creating opportunities for our despondent Youth. No ohhhhhh! How do you want the beneficiaries of the long standing damage to Niger Delta to survive?
Baba, nooooo! mbanu oooooo! The enjoyment by a minority at the expense of the majority must continue until 2019.

Please we prefer the era of compensation for stupidity and recklessness. Or are you trying to say that there will be no compensation for the Okupke and FFKs of APC majority of who skipped and jumped from the PDP to the APC?

Haba, Baba they must be compensated oooo. How do you want them to survive? Or Baba, are you a learner??? Why na? We compensate incompetence and reward mediocrity! You have to learn sharp sharp or many people will go on exile

The practice is “you chop! I chop! We clean our mouths, no problem. You chop! I no chop wahala go de ooo!!! So this idea of no chop at all and possible prison get as e dey ooo”!

Well, as I do not want to go to prison I may have to take early retirement from my social media constituency and return to my village where I will live very quietly or go to exile until 2019 when I will return and see if anyone still has money to give me for psychotic sycophantic town crying and usual mudslinging for attention so that the enjoyment will continue. I want my own private jet please.

Baba here is a word of advice for you; avoid Governor’s Forums, integrity, progressive, intelligent or dullard governors’ etc. gang ups. The fear and avoidance of them is the beginning of your freedom to lead without distraction.

Ignore all those party at weddings and funerals at our costs. We can use the petrol money for all the cars in the convoy to feed and create jobs for our youths.

Finally, well done Baba, I am with you all the way. Clean up Nigeria and restore the global integrity of the true giants of Africa. Let the change continue!!!!

1 comment for “President Buhari AKA “Baba Go Slow” and his slow selection or appointment of members of his cabinet

  1. Chigor Chike
    August 21, 2015 at 05:36

    Good tongue-in-cheek stuff.
    President Buhari obviously wants to get his appointments right, which is important. Hopefully, he would balance that with the need to start providing effective and comprehensive governance.

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