Prayers for Nigeria


It has become very fashionable for Nigerian leaders and Nigerians to call for prayers for Nigeria.

I find this quite offensive because it smirks of pure hypocrisy which can only be perpetrated and condoned by a people who are willfully self-destructive and regrettably so under the watchful eyes of some hopelessly and helplessly sycophantic citizens who because they are related to such leaders or getting some indirect benefits from them turn convenient blind eyes.

On the sound of such inane requests by some leaders and citizens the devil and anger in me roars and soars and I feel like exploding and chasing our leaders out of office like Jesus kicked out traders and tax collectors from his father’s temple.  For my fellow citizens, I want to clench my teeth, take a deep angry look at them and walk on living them in their own mess.

Borrowing some of Cameron’s response to Miliband in UK Parliament, it’s like a man running around and putting fire in his house or other people’s homes, calling for fire service and complaining that they have delayed in extinguishing the fire. (I have adapted this slightly). Aligning this to our case, its like going equipped to steal and destroy and then asking me, the victim of your criminal adventures to pray for and with you. The requests for prayers rocketed at Christmas and I felt like hiding my head in shame. The world must have been laughing at us. How annoyingly hypocritical? In my honest opinion, this is a mockery of integrity and common sense.

In Nigeria once it is 12pm or even before some people open their doors for business, most people will pray for whatever they think they forgot to pray for before they left their homes. What I do not understand is why a politician who has just hijacked a contract under his secret company, diverted money meant for hospitals, schools and others into his foreign or secret bank accounts and possibly came off the phone planning a serious fraud, intimidation, kidnapping or even murder of an opponent before the prayers and will go back to scheming mayhem and mischief, deceiving  and defrauding Nigeria and Nigerian soon after the bigoted prayers, should ask me to pray for him, with him or with others for a better future when he has already taken that future away from us?

Then you have the trader who has just knowingly and willfully sold fake goods and killer fake drugs to me and who will go back to his stall and do the same thing once the fake prayers are over.

Then in tow is the Pastor who has taken the last penny off a dying soul in the name of seed sowing or a desperate mum who has been told that her child is a witch and needs exorcising turning round to ask me to pray for him and the nation because his work is tedious and Nigeria is about to sink. For Christ’s sake who asked you to become a pastor and why don’t you find a regular job like other people. Did you ever hear Jesus complain about his job despite his trials and tribulations?

I wonder who is helping to sink Nigeria and what my business with saving politicians on a journey of self destruction and damage to the nation may be.

Please let us face the truth and stop the hypocrisy. Unless we do so, African style religion will remain the greatest threat to Africans and humanity.

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