Power Must Shift To The North, Ijaw, South, East And West


Power must shift to the North, South, East, West and Ijaw nation. Is this still about a democratic election or an all out war?

Brief historical over view:


1966-1970 Biafra (ndi igbo) v Nigeria (ndi ugwu/Hausa) with the Yorubas and some Ijaws as fearful, confused and uncomfortable spectators.

2011 to date: Boko Haram -V- Christians

2014, 2015 upwards: Boko Haram and Private Army (snipers) –V- Nigeria.

The allegation of stock piling of weapons and training of a Private army is one that I have yet to come to terms with or understand why it is necessary, that is if the story is veracious. The silence of Aso Rock and failure of SSS to call in OBJ for questioning compounds the situation giving me serious jitters. I cannot imagine what would have happened to anyone of us if we pulled such an unbelievable farce.

We do not know the tribal or religious composition of the Private Army Trainees and the strength of their weapons. Given recent threats from some Niger Deltans and Boko Haram menace, I think that it may be safe to assume that the trainees may be mainly Niger Deltans of the semi-independent Ijaw Nation, Boko Haram or some foreign mercenaries?

While waiting for answers to the above, who are the deadly snipers going to fight with or against and when do we expect his war to start?

My suspicion is that the battle may take off in 2015 or just before and it is likely to be the Snipers -v- Boko Haram first and then snipers and Boko Haram -v- innocent Nigerian voters who will either be too frightened to come out and vote and may choose to stay at home for safety or risk being bombed, shot or beaten into compliance with whatever they say or stopped from voting if the fighters consider that more advantageous.

The whole idea of sniper training and stock piling of weapons tells me that there is trouble coming and we may be preparing for war instead of elections in 2015.

My worry is for the ordinary hungry unemployed Nigerian who will pay with his or her life. The people behind all these will certainly flee abroad with their families and just supply money and weapon for us to finish off ourselves. After the war they will return and continue where we stopped with whoever managed to survive and the corruption and instability continues if the Khaki boys will let us dream of democracy again.

So for those Nigerians who are beating the war drums please be careful and vigilant. If you fall for the game, you, not the do or die politician/ sponsors of the war will pay.

Think wise. Use your voices and votes not weapons. Your lives are as precious as that of the cowards instigating the troubles. Let them and their children who they are positioning to continue to rule not lead you forever fight the battles and safeguard their interests. Be a happy safe and wilful spectator not a brainwashed fighter. You have nothing to gain. You are more likely to lose your life and everything you have been dreaming about. Your life! Your choice! Think wisely.

Women do not let your children out of your sights.

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