Do you think that peace will ever return to Nigeria again??

Are we holding ourselves hostage?

Boko Haram is showing us what it is like making life unbearable for citizens and a nation ungovernable. Although many of us get agitated when it is said that the people behind Boko Haram are simply interested in kicking out the current President because he is from the wrong tribe; there is some element of truth in that thinking. Such agitators would rather believe that it is not about his tribe or religion but his weakness as a leader who cannot deliver on democratic principles or ideals. It is also feared that although corruption has continued to be the bane of leadership in Nigeria, it has peaked during his leadership and looks likely to evaporate to uncontrollable proportions.

On the other hand MENDE boys have warned that if GEJ does not contest the next election or he is forced out of office even through legitimate voting, they will make Nigeria ungovernable too. As we now know what making a country being ungovernable means and the sure additional likely flaring of our oil fields which will be part of their package for us, the big question on my mind is; who is best able to lead Nigeria so that peace can return again. Boko Haram and MENDE can of course go into a fighting ring far away from us and settle their scores leaving us alone to deal with the troubles of poor leadership over the years.

But before then how do we stop Boko Haram’s current bloodbath along with the abduction of innocent children and avoid MENDE boys finishing us off if GEJ does not win?

In your heart of hearts, do you think that GEJ has delivered and should be handed the next four years on a platter of “diamonds” Are you supporting his stay and return to office because he is of your tribe or religion and you are one hundred percent that he has delivered and will continue to deliver.

On the other hand if you believe that he has not delivered and must go by fire by force, what is your advice on containing the wrath of MENDE boys as they have promised us even a better mayhem? The difference between what they can do and what Boko Haram is doing is that they will hit our pocket and stop us from selling the oil which has caused so many problems. So in addition to loss of lives our politicians will be out of money. Do you think that Nigeria will be safe if our politicians are starved of money?

With these things on my mind I keep wondering if and when peace will ever return to Nigeria again. If GEJ defies BH and continue in office after February 2015 Boko Haram will no doubt intensify their attacks on common people.

If he bows to pressure and leaves, MENDE will take over from where Boko Haram stops. So how do we get out of our dilemma?

Our country, our life, our choice. #bringbackourgirls.


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  1. Bruce UGIOMOH
    May 29, 2014 at 16:56

    Congrats Jenny for creating this platform. The Boko Haram insurgency has gone beyond bringing down GEJ. The true position is that a group of demented jihadists, wants Nigeria Islamised! At a time GEJ was flirting withe idea of negotiating with them, they suggested apostasy to him. Yet, he was complacent and went to bed. His boss, as he then was, UMYA-Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, stands accused of the extra judicial murder of Yusuf, the BH leader. Jonathan cannot feign ignorance of BH even if he was sleeping all the time as vice president. As for mend, UMYA had the tenacity to halt it, but today, that scheme has been bungled. Nigerians (s)elected GEJ, the treats by Asari and others is bunkum and empty. GEJ must sit up and proffer solutions and not lame excuses.

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