PDP failed Nigeria and GEJ while Northern elders/elites failed Boko Haram (part 1)

As many of us would accept, Nigerians are not the easiest people on earth to lead or please.  We are all more intelligent than each other and will not be told or dictated to by anyone be him a leader or not. The Hausa man is very suspicious and hateful of the Igbo and Yoruba man, the Igbo man is the same of the Hausa and Yoruba and the Yoruba the same of them too. In these circumstances, the only person who may be able to provide the type of leadership we need is that man who is equally arrogant and intransigent but totally patriotic.  Therefore a very humane and if I am not mistaken sometimes naïve man like President Goodluck may not really be the right person to handle our tribe, religion and greed induced idiosyncrasies. I might be wrong but I believe that if we have a man as radical as Rawlings, OBJ, Queen Amina, Nana Asente Yaw of blessed memories and others like them leading Nigeria at this very difficult time, Boko Haram will never have dared rear their ugly heads. In my opinion they have sized up GEJ and noticed that he is a humane animal who likes to please many people without considering the impact on his reputation as a leader or danger to the nation.

Whilst not wishing to be seen as condoning or promoting violence in any way, something tells me that the PDP deliberately set up GEJ to suffer and fail. Before I proceed any further, may I please make clear that I strongly believe that Boko is a creation of some power drunken Northern oligarchs who have been in power for longer than they should be and cannot accept anyone taking over what they consider to be their inheritance. Boko Haram therefore has nothing to do with Islam at all and the modern day Northerner has lost interest is such outdated thoughts. The constant mention of Allah by the lost souls is a sham covering the faces and motives of the people behind them and giving Islam a bad name. You must be wondering what this mad Nigerian woman is on about again. OK hear me out.

The Nigerian constitution says that every adult of sound mind and with the requisite “sorry” basic education is eligible to run for any political office in Nigeria, can vote and be voted for. This therefore makes every Nigerian including mad people like me eligible to be president, Governor or Senator so long as I can prove that I am sometimes lucid.

However, the PDP “the conscience of the nation” have a policy which as I understand says that the office of the Presidency of Nigeria should be subject to geographical rotation which means that every tribe or region in Nigeria has the right to produce a President for a consecutive period of 8 years. Again I am not sure if this policy says anything about the particular region making sure that their candidate is generally competent with the will, commitment and determination to serve Nigeria without fear, favour or disposition to discriminate against any Nigeria regardless of their tribe or religion.

After OBJ who represented the South West failed to change the Constitution and make himself a life president like one of Africa’s totally arrogant geriatric psychotic leader who I will not name but think that many of you know who he is, it was then the turn of the North to produce the next President. OBJ in his infinite intelligence was alleged to have swindled someone off the hot seat and enthroned one of Nigeria’s finest Presidents, Yaradua to the disappointment of many PDP members and one person in particular who it was also alleged to have been asked by OBJ to prepare an acceptance victory speech but like he showed his colours to his vice, he pulled the carpet off his feet at the twelfth hour.  Although Yaradua was not of full health, he did his best and personally impressed me by admitting that the vehicle that brought him into office was materially defective. He vowed to get it right. He demonstrated his readiness to get it right when he turned his back on the man who to date holds the record as the Governor with the shortest period in office in the history of Nigeria’s democracy. He made him respect the judgment of the court by vacating his office for the rightful winner of the election who again in my view has been a disappointment because of his very divisive approach to leadership and questionable façade of piety.

Fate unfortunately struck and Yaradua kicked the bucket. This was the beginning of our problems. After Dora Akunyili as the perfect strong fearless Igbo woman she is, blew the whistle on the illicit gerrymandering in Aso Rock, bless her, the die was cast and GEJ was allowed to stay in office pending another election. I think that another Yaradua type situation is looming in Taraba state but I pray God to heal the man. I was quite shocked to hear that his deputy is still the acting Governor. I personally think that he should have been relieved of that office so that he can concentrate on getting better. But then what do I know. If Yaradua was considered able to lead Nigeria from his death bed in Saudi Arabia and no one had the common sense to let the man be so that he would a have a peaceful passage just as all of us deserve but Boko Haram victims have been denied, why not the Governor of Taraba State. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Then along came the 2011 election.  The North wanted and quite rightly so to produce the President for the next four years but some people who obviously knew better and had the right to override the written policy of the PDP which I would like to believe is in their bylaw in which case it is binding on every member, thought otherwise. I am sure that such a person did not think about Nigeria when he came up with that idea. Instead of making GEJ wait for the turn of the South East they made him to agree to that famous but never seen separate unprecedented underground agreement which is alleged to have had him sign not to seek another four years after his glorious four years. Perhaps on this belief the dissenting North East members reluctantly relented in their agitation for the continuance of their rotation pursuant to their main policy. This did not go too well as some of our Northern brothers who may have hoped that one of their own from another party was destined to win that election as they did not consider GEJ a threat were disappointed when as always the PDP by crook, hook or providence won that toughly fought and disputed election.

Along then came Boko Haram a ticking time bomb which could have been a sort of standing army for perhaps some sectional politicians who sadly have trained and brainwashed them into believing that education which them and their children have is wrong and Nigeria can only be at peace if they are in power because the rest of us have education different from theirs and therefore infidels who must be bombed into compliance or die in order for these people to have power. They forgot to tell them the truth which is that they have tasted and enjoyed power and would not want to lose it. They have created a gulf between them and Boko Haram and desperately want to use them to keep power for themselves, their children and friends who happen to be in the same class. No one estimated enough the virulence of these blood sucking monsters.  We possibly thought that they would go the way they came but that mistake would have reinforced their belief that we lack the power to defend ourselves from them and their sponsors.  To be continued. 

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