Will Nigeria change if another party takes over from the PDP in 2015? I do not think so.

In my honest unbiased opinion, things will get even worse. From what I see, it is no longer a race to save the soul and heart of Nigeria and serve the people. It is rather a race to dethrone the good, the bad and enthrone the bad and the ugly in order to serve selfish and regional or religious interests.

What is dumbfounding is how politicians have managed to mercurially numb the senses of the electorate conditioning many voters to accept mediocrity and impunity as democratic norms. Any attempt to call voters’ attention to the ugly situation which is rapidly spiraling and cascading us into political oblivion is deemed anti -government or parties which voters support. It’s shocking that the same suffering and smiling citizens who should take their future into their own hands are used against themselves and people who are standing up for them against bad leadership of destruction. Social media is awash with such disappointing voices of self- marginalising and destruction. You then wonder what Nigeria and Nigerians really want.

We have been crying for change. In the usual ruinous exploitation of the lack of will of citizens induced by our nationwide facade of leadership of service to people by self- serving politicians, which in my opinion is surreptitious emasculation of the masses through endemic corrupt practices dressed like democracy, a new mega party, the APC was born.  

The nation was in rapturous applause welcoming them as agents of change. Many people switched their allegiance to their parties and hero worshiping of the greatest height began. The lions of power in Nigeria the PDP which had boldly stated that they will retain power in Nigeria for the next 60 years (what inspired that audacious declaration and whether or not the people share their confidence is a topic for another day) were visibly shaken. Their members quickly decamped to the self-proclaimed new Messiahs of Nigerian democracy. Many Nigerians were gripped by fear at their rapid explosion as the new alternative to the PDP. No one including me wanted to be left behind. The warm embrace was comforting and hopes were raised to high heavens. We trumpeted the arrival of the newest bride and Savior and our expectations rose beyond comprehension.

The power of the leading party appeared totally diluted. They looked indeed like conquered warriors. The leader of the leading party looked totally bereft of ideas and ideals. Many people took his natural look of gentility as the obvious surrender of a fall guy but events which followed and continue to unfold stands to prove all of us including the leaders of the APC wrong. The fall guy look is deceptive and masterly architecture d to distract Nigeria.

The APC seems to have a strong and very powerful propaganda machine which swiftly won them friends and supporters but the leading party, the seemingly conquered and wounded lions of politics seem to have many seasoned silent “do or die” power mercenaries who will stop at nothing to prove their worth in every way and they are solidly at work 24/7.

Therefore while the APC wallowed in the euphoria of their new found fame as the next alternative not knowing how shallow that may have become, PDP’s silent skilled mercurial mercenaries and architects of rigging and impunity swung into action. The defected members were openly wooed and asked to come back. Some did while others held on to the new political bride the APC.

Having exhausted the open and secret wooing, the PDP went on the offensive using writs to scare and force back members. Many refused to play ball. In order to complete their very clear do or die agenda style approach to politics they are now out in force to show Nigeria that their leader’s natural look of calm must not be taken for granted because the man is surrounded by real architects of political power and PDP can indeed stay in power in Nigeria for the next 60 years as they predicted.

Their first display of that mercurial mercenary power was in Anambra state.  Do not forget that the leader of the PDP is also the leader of APGA, the leading party in the state. In my opinion, due to the weird closeness of the last Governor of Anambra State with the Presidency (mind you he is known for sucking up to people with power for obvious reasons so I was not surprised)it was clear that serious political games were in the offing. This was necessary as the leader of both parties could not afford to lose to the new nubile political bride represented in the state by someone who although was complicit in the disenfranchisement of the people of Anambra state and should have nothing to do with politics at all, had become a household name. This was so because losing to him would have spelled the end of the leading party and created fear in the minds of voters. The embarrassment was averted with the fielding of a totally wrong candidate who stood no chance at all. That helped to give power to APGA.  PDP had to lose to secure the confidence and votes of the people of Anambra for the leader of the two parties come 2015. That was political architecture of supreme standing. I wonder what INEC’s take on one person leading two parties may be?

APC was shocked and threatened action. I am not sure where they are with that action and how credible a challenge that will be with the judiciary seemingly in the pockets if rich politicians. In Nigeria money works for the rich and famous that can pay the price tags. I do not think that the APC has that kind of price tag to contend and win the leading party.

Then, along came the ultimate assault on the APC, the Ekiti election.  Although badly wounded APC is still prancing around waving what has become their hallmark stick “direct and indirect intimidation and threats of anarchy and mayhem” if they lose anymore elections especially the August 2nd election, it is clear that the PDP mercurial power drunken mercenaries are already at work and that election may be the last nail on the coffin of our badly ailing APC which will give the PDP the final confidence they need to go back leading Nigerians as cows to the slaughter unchallenged.

As the party in power, the PDP is pulling out all their cards leaving no stone unturned. They look very prepared to use the good, the bad and the ugly of politics to achieve their goal. The period of fretting and concerted attempts to woo back errant defecting members is over. It is time for action.  Who cares whose ox is gored? The APC and other self-fooling conceited parties must be taught the big lesson “do not mess with the masterminds and architects of do or die politics” which changed the face of democracy in Nigeria since 2003. They are masters and will make good their promise to stay in power for the next 60 by fire by force. They have proved themselves in Anambra and Ekiti. We may simply be emitting glowing harmless flames of fire.

Look at the sudden turnaround of many APC hardliners who are now singing the praise of the PDP, the withdrawal of corruption charges against some former and relatives of former leaders.  The fielding of such people for very high political offices and the clamour for more is staggering and must be viewed with anxiety by Nigerians. So good is now bad and bad good in order that PDP may stay in office. This development is very interesting but extremely concerning.

The big question is should Nigerians sit back and watch while nails are being driven onto the coffin of democracy?  How do we avert the consequential effect of the current bizarre on goings in the polity? Should we ignore that antics of both leading and self-acclaimed opposition and support little known parties to shock our politicians out of their arrogance and impunity?

In my view now is the time. If we let the PDP runaway train to rail road us again, we would have lost the power to have a voice in the way we are governed and will forever remain the conquered people many of us have accepted even without trying a fight back.

Alternatively, shall we join the APC powerful propaganda machine and wrestle Nigeria off the hands of the PDP? How well do we know them and is their agenda different from that of the PDP. Do not forget that nearly all the members of the APC are former members of the PDP and their two leaders Emperor Tinubu and Buhari are not the flavours of many Nigerians. One is suspected as selfish and totally corrupt. The other is considered a Jihadist whose only goal is the return of power to the North and Islamisation of Nigeria.

In my simple mind, it may be time to review our agreement or allegiance to the two parties and vote wisely in such a way that power does not return to the PDP or APC totally. We need to introduce the current British type hung parliament in Nigeria and let the two parties show us what they are made of. This will help to shape the way we will vote in future. Whoever performs better in the struggle to impress us will then get our votes. Alternatively, we must capture this desperate moment for the PDP and force them to sign a new social justice, economic and democratic agreement with the people of Nigeria the terms of which must be clearly defined and agreed by them and the people of Nigeria. If we fail to do any of the above, we must kiss good bye to our right to have a say in the way we are governed in Nigeria.

Finally, although I do not have the full facts of the allegations against some of these people who have been pardoned and the suits against them withdrawn by the EFCC and therefore cannot fairly comment on the veracity of the allegations against them or have any right to question the President, Attorney General of Nigeria and the EFCC on the sudden U turn, this move is pretty ominous and highly detrimental for the future of justice in Nigeria. Nigerians must therefore view this seriously and ask questions or forever remain silent.

A stitch in time saves nine the y say.

©JCO JULY 2014.


2 comments for “PDP V APC AND OTHERS.

  1. DR Emmanuel Oladapo
    July 11, 2014 at 21:24

    This is a very serious case Jenny, a bad precedence and utterly absurd. Unfortunately, it smacks mockery and deceitful in the eyes of the international communities to have said we would fight corruption and yet, we are creating havens for the super corrupts and shielding them from the law in the name of politics… We are sitting on a keg of gun powder which when it explodes, we won’t be able to pick its bit and pieces. The nation is in dire straight and at the brink of precipice except something urgently is done or else… Nigeria nation would be a thing of history. Nigeria is a failed project and our so called leaders has consistently failed us and could never be trusted no more.

  2. Editor
    July 14, 2014 at 17:29

    Thanks a lot for that observation. That is what it is really. “we would fight corruption and yet, we are creating havens for the super corrupts and shielding them from the law in the name of politics”

    We are making a mockery of ourselves globally and letting people laugh at and brand us as criminals. I think that it will be best if we do not say anything about it so that people can make their own judgments.

    Mind you our Presidents said that corruption is not a crime like stealing. You asked yourself what that was meant to mean.

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