Parliamentary and Presidential system of government

Given our experiences of democracy to date, do you think that our current Presidential system of government is still the right one or the best for us?

I am beginning to think that a Presidential system where the lawmakers and key players can be bought over is somehow totalitarian and the President depending on his/her courage and wits can easily become despotic beyond control. In a country like Nigeria where leaders and many high profile citizens are at liberty to do whatever they like, the judiciary and law enforcement agencies seem to be inseparable from the executive and therefore completely in their pockets, the people have no voice and rely on people who themselves see democracy as power instead of service and the centre cannot hold, I feel that a presidential system is a fertile model in which corruption, despotism and illegal exercise of power at the dictate of the leaders can easily thrive with no checks and balances.

I listened to BBC parliament and loved the fact that the opposition openly criticise failures of the two leading parties and agree with them whenever they ought to. This means that the opposition who is desperate to get back into office are the critical eyes and voices of citizens meaning that citizens can sleep knowing that their interests are being looked after and they can hold someone to account if their interests suffer in any way.

I laughed as Cameron described Ed Miliband as the arsonist who goes around putting fires in people’s homes and then turn round to complain that the fire fighter has delayed in putting out the fire.I found that quite interesting and felt that a parliamentary system which will give politicians good work to do may be the best for us and discourage cross carpeting which seems to be the order of the day in Nigeria. People would have to show that the interest of their main parties and citizens instead of their personal interests as we have in Nigeria are no longer being represented by their own parties and give proper justifications for their actions to their constituents.

It will be nice to pitch Buhari, El Rufai, Bakare against GEJ or OBJ and watch them demolish one another.I bet that like in the Assembly where today’s session nearly ended in blows over the state of insecurity in Rivers’ state, it will end in a free for all blows.

Another point that comes to mind is that Nigeria is the brain child of Britain which has a parliamentary system of government. How did we end up with a presidential system of government.

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