Open Letters. Round Two!!! GEJ Responds To OBJ

Mr President eventually responded to OBJ. I have tried to read bits of the letter and hope to find time to read and assimilate all of it from the standpoint of an objective bystander. Until then, a part of it which made me feel exonerated is that like me, Mr President acknowledges that OBJ’s letter endangered national security. I am hoping that he learns from this and let us be. gej and obj, courtesy of

As I previously mentioned, in my opinion, OBJ has ulterior motive and we must not treat his treachery with kids gloves. He has something sinister up his sleeves. There is a lot to be taken from his letter but I am doing my best to maintain good silence on such serious points so that those who have not seen them may as well never see or think about them.

I wonder how OBJ will respond. I hear about meetings with leaders of the APC and members of the breakaway PDP. I am laughing and shaking my head because I personally think that OBJ’s greatest woe will be to declare for the APC. I hope that he knows better because he will not only lose the respect of the few people who still take him seriously; he will also make caricature of his age and be remembered for all the bad things he did and never the good things he may have achieved. So he must watch the meetings with the APC leadership.

It is a shame that there seem to be a big family feud within the OBJ dynasty. Gbenga complained that Baba interfered with his wife, mama iyabo spilled the beans in her book and now Iyabo, the apple of his eyes tops it off with this expose’. Otherwise I would have advised Iyabo to call him home and help him to concentrate on charity work and never politics again. He appears to me to be a man who cannot deal with old age and losing power. Therefore he needs therapy to get used to no longer being in power and only loved ones or totally objective professionals who mean well can help him recover from such severe ailment called power withdrawal syndrome. I guess that he would have loved to be Mugabe of Nigeria. But would anyone blame him. He was in prison minding his own business when they brought him out and made him president. That must have given him the impression that he is the best for Nigeria and should be allowed to lead forever like senile Mugabe and our unfortunate Gaddaffi.

Well, his do or die agenda style politics, the death of democracy in Nigeria has produced more dangerous power drunk politicians than him who can always outwit him come rain or shine. Sadly, they have the advantage of age which OBJ cannot change so that is even more trouble for him.

Although GEJ is not the apple of my eyes, I strongly advise Baba to let the young man be. The distraction is too much. We are lucky that he is naturally calm because some other loose head would have gone after him the way he would go after someone else if they play his type of games with him.

I hope that baba will now go away and not respond to GEJ. It will make us a nation of idiots and help to distract GEJ further. OBJ must not be the proverbial wicked man who crossed the bridge and let it break so that others may not cross.

Merry Xmas everyone.

2 comments for “Open Letters. Round Two!!! GEJ Responds To OBJ

    December 28, 2013 at 05:48

    Nice write-up.Indeed if its another country not Nigeria OBJ should have ended his remaining days in the prison.

  2. uzoma chike
    December 28, 2013 at 12:03

    Brilliant. I agree. with you wholely. You are indeed a voice to be heard. Most of the comments I have heard from the so called eminent nigerians lack objectivity while the ones from socalled ordinary nigerians indicate they never read the letters!

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