Open letter to Governor Shettima of Borno State Nigeria

boko haram 30.4.2014Following series of embarrassing events in Nigeria in 2012, I resolved never to address any Nigerian leader as His/Her Excellency or Honourable because there is sincerely nothing excellent or honourable about poverty of mind and character along with absolute dishonour which I constantly see in the behaviour of many of our leaders. So forgive me for not addressing you as His Excellency. It is not personal.  For the purposes of this letter I shall address you as Mr Governor.

Mr Governor Sir, I heard on BBC world service news last night that you have confirmed that you have information which may lead to the location of the whereabouts of our children. I am most grateful to you and know that many Nigerians are too.  Thank you so much for this assistance.

That said Mr Governor I have a few questions on my mind needing expression with all of them competing for the right of first expression. I will list them as they jump out of my mind and land on my key board.

Mr Governor, can you please tell Nigerians when you first obtained this information, did you disclose it to President Jonathan and our ground forces some of whom may have been killed by Boko Haram, how would you rate yourself as a people’s leader? Do you think that you have acted promptly, sincerely and empathetically enough in this matter, why do you think that Boko Haram have nearly taken over Borno State and people are living in absolute fear, have you volunteered this information because you would rather not let our foreign friends who are assisting us sniff out any information which may connect you to Boko Haram, have you thought about how you would feel if your sons are Boko Haram and your daughters among the abducted girls, would you as a father have waited this long to start cooperating with the search team? If you have had the information all along what was the point of pontificating at Jonathan and his administration which actually you are part of?

Additionally, can you sincerely put your hand on your heart and say that you have been a good leader for your people and acted with honesty and statesmanship towards Nigeria? That you have no by your silence directly or indirectly not given Boko Haram the heads up that their poor behaviours are in order?

Mr Governor I ask these questions because I feel that you have been more obstructive than helpful and may have allowed politics and desire to embarrass Jonathan cloud your good judgment and by so doing endangered adults and children under your watch.

How would you respond if I tell you that you have failed Borno people and Nigerian therefore ought to apologise to them and resign?

In my opinion, in addition to assisting with the information you have so latterly volunteered, reconsideration of your position and immediate resignation would be the most prudent thing to do and that will get you some respect.  You should also consider leaving Borno for the time being because knowing the incredible mob behaviour of some Nigerians, if any of the investigations implicate you in anyway, I will not rule a mob attack which may not end well.

Mr Governor Sir, please forgive my many questions but my head is busting and I have been suffering intermittent depression and lack of sleep wondering what has happened to our girls and my Nigeria.

Thank you Mr Governor.

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