Obama fights for America and his political life

I listened to the state of the nation address and felt Obama’s real democracy pulse.

His opponents who possibly are seeing only his colour are messing about not minding that their bigotry is threatening the heart and soul of the freedom which binds America as a people and nation to be revered at all times. Young Obama is standing on the promise of the fathers of democracy and equality in his country to fight for democracy and America not his personal ambition and Americans are behind him.

I pray and wish that the day will come when our leaders will fight for Nigeria not their political ambitions. Can anyone imagine the number of people who would have been invited by SSS for interrogation if America is Nigeria.

The infant democracy in Nigeria must try and grow or remain a laughing stock globally. I hope that our leaders are reading and watching Obama’s state of the nation address and digesting the determination, passion and compassion with which he makes a case for America’s survival.


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