Nigeria’s long journey to freedom and democracy.


Comparing SSS’ invitation to El Rufai and the massive show of support by members of the APC during his appearance, to the silence of the Presidency over overt and covert threats to our national security by people connected to the leading party, would it be unfair to say that our journey into real freedom and democracy is rather long and many of us may not live to see true democracy if ever it comes.

I failed to see the reason for members of the APC to accompany El Rufai to the meeting with the SSS. If he went with a team of lawyers, I would have understood.  I wonder what would have happened if the SSS decided to turn them back or arrest all of them on the basis of obstruction of the SSS or intimidation due to their sheer number and the fact that only El Rufai was invited and until he clears himself he remains criminally liable for anything they wish to charge him for including treason. He may have spoken for the APC but unless the APC can show that he is not a man of sound mind or of the age of criminal responsibility in which case as his employers or accomplices (if that can safely apply given that minors and people of unsound mind lack capacity to commit certain offences)  they are liable for his actions, he remains personally responsible for his actions and utterances. I have no doubt that in the Western world there would have been more arrests.

Although I might be wrong, I personally feel that the move was a well laid plan to provoke more arrests by the police or SSS and ignite another big war which may have ended in blood shed of a magnitude greater than the 2011 slaughter of our Corpers after the election. This would have been very unfortunate because there is no need to waste anymore lives. We need peace and unity and change of power by lawful means if the leading party will not change.

I am a strong advocate of the idea that in order to restore common sense, safety and security so that democracy my take root in Nigeria, we must break PDP’s monopoly on power by lawful means. One of such legitimate means includes the emergence of a new united tribe and religion insensitive party of the stature of APC, thus my strong support for them previously.

In light of their incessant attempts to overheat the polity leaving our country vulnerable to anarchy, my support for them has greatly waned. I am now an objective by stander supporting no party but the people of Nigeria if they can find the courage to sincerely discern how to use their votes come 2015. APC should know enough not to incite already very disillusioned forlorn citizens who given their exposure to hardship by consecutive bad governments are very vulnerable and can erupt at the slightest prompting whether intentional or not.  We want change not more fights or anarchy and APC must understand this if they are to have our trust as bearers of our new found conscience if that at is the motive.

On the other hand, whilst I must say that since meeting someone from SSS and speaking with her one to one on the role of the SSS my views of them as the government hit men changed a little making me less fearful of them as a murder squad, I remain confused about why they invited El Rufai for interrogation but not Asari Dokugbo, OBJ and a few others who have made very potent threats to our security and ought really to be behind bars.

If this administration is to be believed, they must be seen as treating everyone equally.  Unless they do so, they will be exposing themselves to even more adverse criticisms thus alienating more and more wavering supporters.

All that said, whether APC remains the alternative party remains for them to show us that they are committed to democracy not return of power to any group of Nigerians by violence or any form of force.

Anyone supporting them without clear explanation of their recent actions must be taking a risk of exposing us to unrest for the next four years if they win the next election.  Those who have been forced out can only but regroup and set up groups similar to Boko Haram and cause unnecessary mayhem and perpetual insecurity.

I hope that no party will take us down that route and Nigerians are following the drift of our leaders who in my opinion seem to be leaders or itching to lead fro personal reasons instead of the interest of Nigeria.

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