Nigeria- Politics and Humanity


So much has been said about whether or not our girls are missing. So many, sometimes, very sickening conspiracy theories have also been advanced in support of the various misgivings many of us have about the circumstances of their disappearance.

Whilst due to the past failures of our leaders in managing and sharing information between citizens and government may appear to be giving credence to some of these theories one thing is clear; some or all of our Chibok children are missing. Therefore, until we are told that they have been found or that the claim is a hoax, it will be morally unjust for anyone of us to go to bed and sleep.

If they are not found quickly or are brought back to us in body bags because we are joining politicians to play politics of tribe and religion instead of playing our roles as citizens with conscience, we will have ourselves to blame forever. Many of us will surely become prisoners to their own conscience and posterity will never forgive us.

So it is now time to leave politics to politicians and do our bit for humanity. The conduct of our politicians from head to bottom is under the full view of the world and will be x-rayed accordingly when the time is right.

Until then, I urge every Nigerian to put their tribal and religious differences aside and do their bit for humanity. Join the fight for the return of our girls. Tow the part of conscience and place yourselves in the positions of these girls, their parents, families and friends. If our leaders should fail them, must we too? If we must, then what is the difference between us and our leaders?

Hands on our hearts please, who will come home and be told that their child is missing and sit back to theorise about the motive of that information instead of looking for their child? I won’t and if you won’t too, then join the call for the return of our girls. We will deal with the theories when they are back and punish who needs to be punished with our votes when all that is done.

If you are a GEJ supporter then you owe him a duty to join the effort to find the girls or prove that the story is a political hoax. This will not only help you to help your “hero” to show the true face of the evil behind Nigerian politics to the whole world who are standing by us now, but will also expose those behind that hoax as the true enemies of Nigeria.

If you are anti GEJ, then this is also the opportunity to find the girls and show the world how negligent or uncaring he has been.

Until we do so, clasping our hands while at the same time indiscriminately throwing verbal tribal and religious missiles instead of helping to find our girls or prove that they are not missing in which case many of our politicians may not just be corrupt but also callous gangsters who will use anything including human lives to cover their inadequacies and incite citizens against government and themselves; we have failed our girls and ourselves too. Our failure will be a life time moral indictment and sin against humanity.

Finally, the Federal Government must stop being jittery about campaigns to bring back our girls. It has long shifted from criticisms of governments for failure to do their job earnestly, to an act of humanity and defiance against Boko Haram and their sponsors. So one way or the other the truth will be known and the world will see all of us for who we are or not.

So people join any campaign up near you and do not relent until we find our girls.


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  1. Dim. Sunni AaronsWuche
    June 9, 2014 at 19:27

    “I urge every Nigerian to put their tribal and religious differences aside and do their bit for humanity.” You have said it all as my leader and nothing more to add.

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