Some Nigerian pastors and their fake Prophesies

I could not help but laugh at a prediction by another hungry for private jet pastor’s predictions for 2015 elections.

Why our politicians run to them and believe their foolishness, nonsense and lies tells you how much they really believe in God and respect the right and power of the average Nigerian voter to have enough intelligence to say who leads him/her.

No wonder they align with them. Obviously this rogue in cassock, his own self styled god has received GMG or been promised a private jet and now doing his mischievous job of shaping the minds of his “AMEN BRIGADE” as his paymaster must have ordered.

One of them prophesied that Nigeria’s shortest living governor was going to win a jinxed tribunal case which was not supposed to have been listed for ordinary mention in court and that if he did not win the state will burn to blazes.

He did not only lose but was also chased out of Ikenga House Awka like the loser he sure is. I wonder where the crook is today and if his “HELL ON FIRE MINISTRY” followers are still paying tithes to him for more false prophesies.

Indeed my people perish due to “convenient foolishness, sheer greed, ignorance and then lack of knowledge” .

I hope that the SSS and EFCC should go for him and bring out all the juju pots in his evil altar of lies so that Nigerians will see him for what he is.

Vote right and let the best candidates win. It’s about you, your country and generations not what a crooked pastor and his pay master politician may have cooked up with their sights on your money instead of your well-being.

2 comments for “Some Nigerian pastors and their fake Prophesies

  1. Engr Don
    December 29, 2014 at 22:05

    It’s all a consequence of bad governance, Lady J, when those who seek to win elections are more interested in so-called “religious” predictions than seeking the justifiable endorsement of their electorates at the Ballot Box.

    Those so-called politicians are also just as imbecilic. Could they not figure out that if the so-called “pastor” could predict a winner, he’d convince the party to be their candidate…

    December 31, 2014 at 08:59

    It is self evident as it is tragic that you cannot buy truth in Nigeria right now, when such people have an outlet for their lies and chicanery.

    Who is true and honourable and respectful of good and right? Oh, they never even get close. For what fellowship has truth with lies, light with darkness?

    These retailers of political and religious lies have a willing market anxious to buy from their never depleted stores of rottenness and greed motivated predictions. We happily either do not provide stiff challenge or swallow the tripe they spew wholesale.

    My people need a revolution but I am afraid that the vast majority only want a reversal of fortunes, not change. Their upheaval would herald a day not of positive change and progress but see them become the thieving and corruptly rich through the wholesale disenfranchisement of generations of this nation, and be the oppressors and no longer the oppressed.

    Which way, Nigeria?

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