Nigeria must get ready for female governors and a vice president in 2019

Over the years Nigerian women have always been used by politicians for votes. Although some of us have continued to show interest in serving Nigeria, no one votes for us when it comes to the big offices. Sarah Jubril, Aisha Alhassan and many others and typical examples.

I blame lack of awareness by the electorate and little or no persistence by Nigerian women. But this must now stop. I do not want to hear anyone talking about compensating us with appointments. I want to see duly elected women governors and the first female VP (in readiness for the big office in 2023) in 2019.

We must start now. The first step is to lobby for a positive discrimination reservation clause in our constitution. This means that although some people may have issues with voting for women, they will have no alternative because the candidate for their parties must be women. Their parties will lose out if they do not vote for any duly selected woman. Party members and supporters will have a choice between giving us their mandates or letting their parties lose the elections because they are misogynistic.

This will gradually deal with the obstacles women face and create the opportunities we rightly deserve.

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