Nigeria moving towards 2019: to be or not to be??



Although many people may not agree with me, I think that the way forward is to quit the acrimony instigated by our greedy, crooked, corrupt, selfish and totally mischievous leading class and organise against them full square”.

Nigerians have had a very eventful 2015 preparations for which began in 2014. We started off with celebrating our centenary. The occasion was marked in the usual spendthrift Nigerian way. Money wasted on parties, clothes and over bloated contracts award for the development of our so called Nigerian centenary village. There have been claims of massive fraud and corruption but not much has been heard about that anymore. In my mind, if the allegations of frauds are indeed true, I can only imagine that this was part of the well laid planned to siphon money towards the actualisation of the ill-fated election campaign. I am hoping that whoever our new corruption Czar is going to be will have the courage to get to the bottom of it and recover any excess money due to us. I wish that I can be given that task. Heads will roll.

There were also talks and fears about a possible break up given that the 100 year amalgamation agreement has expired. Thankfully apart from a minority focused on usual mischief, we are still together and still going strong. So there is need to plan better.

2015 is now nearly over but we seem to be still in our pre and post-election modes accusing one another of one crime or another while many of the usual enemies of Nigeria are either getting on with their lives or scheming ways of avoiding probes, prosecution and jail if the wind of anti-corruption change blows their way. In all of these, the losers are Nigerians and the gamers are the same and always safe. We need to rise above the fights and focus on the future.

In my usual eagerness to see change in the right places, I am beginning to wonder how best Nigerians can get over our election mode and prepare for the future. 2019 sounds like a million years away to many people, but to me it’s a light 3 and a half years away and we must not waste a second of it. It is usually said that the future belongs to the young but since the Nigerian young remains totally disadvantaged and majority of them seems hooked on the get rich quick mantra of the leading class, I think that the saying should now change to, the future and Nigeria belongs to Nigerians. That then takes me to the next question. How do we secure our future?

Although many people may not agree with me, I think that the way forward is to quit the acrimony instigated by our greedy, crooked, corrupt, selfish and totally mischievous leading class and organise against them full square.

Then the big question is how we can do this given our age long dichotomy of the north and south which has been the biggest bane of our democracy and leadership. Well, I am an optimist and sincerely believe that if our parents failed to do it. We can if we believe in ourselves. Obama made history and became the first black President of America. No one took him seriously when he announced his ambition but he proved that with determination and focus anything is possible. Similarly, I believe that we can shock the world and our bigoted parents and fix Nigeria. I am tribe and religion blind and believe that it costs us nothing to be the same. At the end of the day, whether I am Igbo, Hausa, Ijaw, Yoruba or others, when death and illness comes I will go the same way many have gone. I will not be excused because I am from a superior tribe or religion. So what difference does discrimination make? If we all agree or wish to try and rise above our common issues, then the next big question will be; but how do we start?

It’s simple. We need to realise that although we differ in tongues and religion our problems are the same. We are all being manipulated by our leaders in their own organised ways. They converge in the Assemblies, Senate, Aso Rock and government houses, arrogate and allocate power and money to themselves, share and use them to use and abuse us and empower themselves. At this stage, there is no issue about our/their tribe or religion, it’s all about them. We only get drawn in when they fall out. We are then told that it’s about our tribe and religion. How foolish and condescending?

Why we must let them take us for granted for so long makes me wonder why we are not learning that the best attitude is to turn against them and also only let them know that we are happy without them and will play their games against and above them when we need to laugh at them just like they constantly mock us.

I believe that that the way forward is uniting against them. Let them grieve or enjoy their election loses and gains while we skilfully organise against them in readiness for 2019.


On this note I have been thinking of an all-inclusive party name. What about Unity or United People’s party of Nigeria? I think that it’s a possibility if many of us are ready to release ourselves from the chains placed around our necks by people who do not care. We need to break free from our bondage and show them what we can do together and very united without them or their money.

I am open to ideas and believe that we can do it if we mean business.

1 comment for “Nigeria moving towards 2019: to be or not to be??

    October 26, 2015 at 20:54

    There is still plenty of fire in your belly.
    I think you are really serious with this proposition.
    I don’t know about the troops you are trying to muster
    The road from armchair politician to a real politician is a one that many do not have the will or strength to tread..

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