Nigeria Canada face off.

9ja-flagcandian flagIs Canada right to cancel a prearranged Presidential visit because of the anti gay law? Can they dictate/intimidate instead of pressurize a sovereign nation in matters of this nature?.

Although the anti gay law reminds me of Jesus Christ and the thieves on the cross because our leaders are turning a blind eye on corruption and intimidation of citizens by leaders and Pastors while picking on innocent citizens who are not causing any strife or impoverishing the nation; I think that Canada’s reaction is very wrong.

If the truth be told these foreign leaders are not bothered about our gay men and women but simply worried about the influx of persecuted gay men and lesbians who will be seeking asylum in their countries. They may also be worried about their citizens who are gay and may be at risk when they visit Nigeria. I may be wrong but if you ask me they could not give a hoot about paedophiles from their ends on sex tourism who will take advantage of our young people including children under child marriage disguise thanks to Yerima. Its all about their economic interests.

If they are indeed very sincere about their motives, why did they not place travel embargo on all our senators when they allowed Yerima to claim that child abuse and perversion which indirectly approves destructive child marriage offends his own type of religion and must remain in our constitution? Where have they been since Boko Haram and other dissidents began killing Nigerians while our leaders pussy foot around them? What have they done about Sudan, Syria etc? They were quite happy to accept our money under the guise of training for certain people while law abiding citizens suffer incredibly? Blood money perhaps? I consider the training outside our shores a means of encouraging Boko Haram and others to continue to destroy life and property in Nigerian instead of learning how to communicate without violence.

In my opinion, the anti gay law is totally vile and unacceptable in every respect. Its enforcement must therefore be resisted in every legitimate way possible. I am therefore happy for every pressure to be brought to bear upon our government from everywhere anywhere in the world. Sadly, I refuse to accept any form of dictatorship on Nigeria, a sovereign nation. We cannot be intimidated by anyone especially those motivated by private gains. Our government must respond with severe sanctions while Nigerians at home and abroad persevere in our resistance and objection to this oppressive new law. We cannot tolerate the persecution of a section of our society or condone any form of imperialist dictatorship by anyone like Canada or our own leaders.

I am aware that if any of our Presidential cronies or Mr President himself reads this they must be wondering what the hell is wrong with this woman again. Can someone lock her away and throw away the keys. Someone had once accused me of distracting Mr President with my posts but here again I go.

How competent, committed and sincere are GEJ’s advisers? How could they have advised him to use this sort of law to distract us from the ongoing leaks and lack of will to battle corruption?

They should have tried something like free medical health care for children and the elderly or free education for primary and secondary school. In my small corner, I would have not advised Mr President to take this step now or at all.

Bad advice. Bad timing, Then again, what do I know or understand.



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