Nigeria @ 54. Shall we ignore where we have been and concentrate on where we are going or evaluate ourselves and strategise for a better future?

9ja-flagNigeria is 54 today.

So how far have we come?

Shall we say happy or sad independence day celebrations/anniversary?

Much as I love my country and feel extremely proud and privileged to be Nigerian, I do not feel like celebrating anything today. I am disappointed in the generations of leaders who have done nothing but impoverished and bankrupted us financially and morally.

I therefore rather feel like pouring curses on some of them and their generations. Whether Northern, Southern, Eastern or Western, many of them are the same and have let us down and very seriously so. What is even more distressing and embarrassing is that majority of us are pulling ranks and turning convenient blind eyes because of our usual tribal and religious idiosyncrasies.

Why Nigerians why? Despite our tribal and religious differences our common problems of lack of quality infrastructure including but not limited to non existent but shamelessly claimed quality medical care, basic education and necessities remain the same. So why are we supporting evil and joining in our our destruction?

Many of us wanted and still want our Northern brothers who many of us consider to have born to rule mentality out of the way because they have led for so long and achieved nothing. Fair enough! We now have a Southerner who as many would claim represent them but my people have our problems changed because a Southerner is in power? Are we not even going further and further down the abyss of self destruction? Has corruption and inept leadership not peaked beyond your sensible imagination? Can you still justify the sycophancy and fancy but reckless “we are doing well lies/speeches”

Looking at where we are today is it not time to put down our tribal and religious differences, unite and fight our common enemies, (criminal politicians) who see politics as business and careers for life not service to the people?

The choices is ours to make and I choose to fight them in whichever way I can. You can join the fight by educating the minds of the less educated among us and ensuring that they vote out these people at the next election. Majority of them with their criminal pastor friends have failed us and will continue to fail us unless we give them the red card.


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