The nature of the creature called woman

Over the ages we speak about women development and equality but these in my opinion are matters which can only succeed when women begin to cherish themselves and each other tapping into each other’s potential without envy, judging and secretly compete instead of chasing their own dreams which belongs to them and will forever remain under their control”

In my natural curiosity about finding out deeper features of everything on the face of the planet, I am often fascinated by many things people regard as common and usual. In my curious travelling mind they have so many undiscovered unique peculiarities. One of such things that constantly pervade my mind is the creature called woman.

She is uniquely made. She is the most beautiful creature on the face of the planet. Her beauty and grace in most cases transcend human understanding.Depending on people’s personal disposition and moods, she attracts the most attention from the same and opposite sex. Many people believe that the human race ill be extinct or our world will be a dangerous place to live in without her.

She is often faced with many challenges and odds including but not limited to the attempt by the opposite gender to control, suppress and maginalise her. Nonetheless, she is resilient, dedicated to her family, loving and caring to many if not all and above all, ever so understanding, tolerant and compassionate where many creatures will be ruthless.

Sadly despite the admiration of her by men and other women alike along with her attributes, she is the epitome of envy and ruthless destruction of other women like her.This is a very hard issue to understand given her nature. Where you think that she will thrive and succeed she fails all because of envy against others and the natural desire to dominate the world of beauty and intelligence of other women. In some cases the only people and things that matter are them and what they want. Anything besides, below or above that is a threat which must be resisted ruthlessly and destroyed if possible.

She can excuse the opposite gender for all the abuse and degradation they cause her but will without due cause assassinate, attack, criticise and destroy the character, person and office of her fellow female all because of unexplained envy. Envy is indeed her middle name and she has no regrets whatsoever acting against the interest of other women. She competes unhealthily. She undermines and criticises without due regard to her self-respect and that of her victims. Unless she is at the top and every other female is ready to worship her, she is ready to destroy without being prompted. No one else but her must be seen or heard. Where others compliment and applaud another woman she is silent and only speaks if she thinks that she can pick a hole in the achievement of others. Once she can, she is at the top of her game and begins to triumph in her conceited world where very often she lives alone.

I always wonder why and why and why and why.  Their lives are strictly private but every other person’s life is public interest. They deride those who give them the olive branch. Instead of complimenting their efforts, they set them up to fail. They are only at their best when they feel that they are better than others and will never see well in others who are above them. They are friendliest when they feel better than others and others are prepared to worship them. Their best friends are those they consider beneath them who must never have any interest or ambition in being like them. Once they show any interest in being better that they found them, that is the beginning of a serious war of attrition.

The silent competition is so strange and strong that some will even debase themselves in order to destroy others and maintain dominion in their grandiose world of illusion. .

They are different from the male gender. The male gender is aware of these weaknesses and use them against the female gender. Where a man feels unable to come down to a woman’s level, he uses another woman and that is a perfect job done.

The big question or moral of this blog is soul searching. Are you as good as you think you are towards other women? Have you or are you willing to let them latch onto you and fly even higher than you? If not, then it is time to think and know that we are all unique in our own unique ways and the only way to win the battle of the sexes is to respect one another for our strengths and weaknesses, tap into our unique potentials and use our collective power to force the change we rightly deserve. Until we do so, our desire to settle or win the battle of the sexes remains an illusion of great grandeur and will continue to elude us until eternity.

JCO914 (c)

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