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Retorts on Femi Fani Kayode’s Channel TV interview re Boko Haram in Nigeria.

I have issues with FFK. However, on this occasion, I think that some of the issues he has raised are common sense lawyer issues which only the dishonest and guilty can dispute. Some of us lawyers are intellectually violent, aggressive and passionate about whatever we believe in and can be utterly blunt when dealing with issues of conscience, governance and leadership. So I can see where he is coming from. I cannot and do not excuse myself because sometimes when I sense that someone is deliberately attempting to pull the wool over my eyes, I get really mouthy and ready to say and do things that may surprise people. I nearly walked out of an interview because I thought that some of the speakers were liars who thought that because they have been lying to everyone and getting away with it they can lie in my face and get away with it too. To me that was a great insult to my intellect and cannot be condoned. That is the nature of many lawyers because of our training.

Therefore, I think that much as FFK can be like a chameleon whose allegiance is often very indeterminable and has made him the reputation of highly volatile loose cannon, he has made a lot of logical sense here. Therefore the matters he has raised ought to be thoroughly investigated as part of the ongoing enquiry into this sorry brutal attack on us by Boko Haram. Sarkozy has been arrested and questioned for suspicions of criminal wrong doing and that is just politics and democracy in action. I have not had people from his tribe or religion condemning the judiciary and threatening to take France to the Human rights court. This is because he who comes to equity must come with clean hands and the people who are flying tribe and religious flags do not have such clean hands.

So unless we are saying that some of the key suspects in this whole morally reprehensible  politically orchestrated extermination of innocent people in our country are above the law, then I see no reason why they should not be questioned, investigated and brought to justice. We must move away from these tribal and religious self-defeating practices which can only but continue to send us down the dark ally. I totally agree with FFK. Many people need to be investigated. If they have nothing to hide then there is no need to worry. So on this occasion “well said FFK. THUMBS UP! LET THEM BRING IT ON!”  Whoever is not happy or has nothing to hide must take you up and win.

If this government will tow the path of honesty and stop pussy footing around the enemies of Nigerian out of fear of being condemned for presumed sectarian leadership by selfish religious and tribal bigots, we will get out of the woods quicker that we are looking at. GEJ should pull up his sleeves, go for full frontal attacks or combats against or with the true enemies of Nigeria and democracy. If it costs him a second term then so is it. History will remember him as someone who fought for the truth and paid a price for it. “SECOND TERM IS NOT WORTH ANYWHERE NEAR THE LIFE OF A SINGLE NIGERIAN”. We must therefore appreciate that and save lives rather than offices. Nigerians will stand with and by him. That is what I call leadership. If I am a problem he must tell me without fear and I will have to adjust or pay the price. That is the nature of leadership in a democratic civilised society and world. Good morning all.

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