My Love For Nigeria


  1. I love Nigeria my country with all my heart. And I mean every single word of these three magic words.
  2. My love for her is more intoxicating and addictive than alcohol and drugs.
  3. loveIn our invisible moments of unquestionable but very weird affection, she is the woman and I am the man.images of nigeria
  4. She is always right and I am ever so ready to go down on my knees saying; sorry, please, forgive me, I love you, it does not matter whether she is right or wrong. I just love her and want to keep her happy.
  5. While shamelessly and boldly thinking, speaking, talking, writing and dreaming about her at anytime, anywhere, anyplace, I hear the powerful rendition of Michael Bolton’s song “when a man loves a woman, she can do no wrong”
  6. There is this inexplicable desire to constantly protect her from ruin.
  7. Deep inside my heart full of love for her, I see many enemies parading as friends and lovers all raping, ravaging or waiting for their chance to take a piece of her for nothing that she has done wrong all in the name of leadership and service to themselves not her.
  8. At moments like this I feel like a helpless, humiliated, very badly subdued and wounded lion tied to a stake and forced to watch her object of affection destroyed for no just cause.
  9. I just despair heavily and wish that I could get my hands on her destroyers or take over from them to show them how to love, serve and worship my goddess.
  10. She has done nothing other than just love them as a mother and lover should love her children and lover.
  11. She has given them those unique names and identities which celebrate them all over the world but they are willfully trampling upon her rabidly and ravenously sacrificing everything for needless greed. She has provided more than enough for everyone.
  12. Instead of being known and revered for her natural enviable endowment on them, they have chosen to be known for corruption, greed and selfishness making them look like the lost children of none entities who have no direction or vision.
  13. Deep inside my heart, I am in constant battle with myself wondering why I must stand and watch the most beautiful and adorable goddess of my soul ravaged by those who profess love too. I think that she is squirming in pain but no one is taking any notice.
  14. They came and found her looking so beautiful, rich and radiant beyond description but they look like they want to finish her leaving no memory of her greatness for the next generation as their fathers did for them
  15. I am in deep pains thinking about the legacy for her next generation.
  16. The temptation to pick up the stone and throw in every direction until her aggressors all scamper for safety and never show their faces again is overwhelming but I must hold back because I love her.
  17. She looks nearly conquered and desperately asking for love, fairness, justice, peace, unity and devotion but no one seems to care.
  18. My soul is often in unavoidable battles with itself sometimes blaming itself for failing her and at other times in self-denial pretending that my goddess is not being ravaged and destroyed by men and women who choose greed over love, peace, unity, equality, fairness and justice.
  19. My greatest moments of hurt and humiliation comes when I stand and watch her supposed servants look me in the face and lie about their commitment to service to my goddess instead of themselves.
  20. At moments like this I wonder if my love is blinding my sense of judgment or they are in delusion.  I am often convinced that the latter is the case.
  21. In this glorious year of many promises from above, I pray and hope that my Nigeria will find favour in the eyes of the Lord, leaders and citizens and be restored to full greatness.
  22. She deserves better than she is getting at present. She has lost a lot and how much she gets in return for her love and kindness depends on all of us. For her to survive, our actions must match our words.


©JCO JAN 2014. 

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