wedding rings diannas 1982Marriage is not money to be managed

Pain or violence to be endured

Nuisance to be tolerated

It is rather a feeling to be shared, enjoyed, cherished and loved forever by the parties for themselves, their children and then friends and family.

Therefore if you are managing, enduring or tolerating it is time to talk for everyone’s best interest.

Staying in it because of the children, your family and what society may think about you is deceptive, delusional and dangerous.

The children are learning nothing but bitterness, hatred and how to manage, endure and tolerate unhealthy behaviour. Like you they will only learn how to perpetuate evil instead of good. Above all, they may become dangers to themselves and society.

You would have then failed them, yourself and society.

So think hard and fast. Save yourself, the children and society.

Seek professional help in confidence and live.

Do not die in silence. There is no need for it.

I believe in marriage but not at all cost.

Have a great day people.

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