Marginalisation of Ndi Igbo of Nigeria

Although I believe that the Igbo man is his own worse enemy and best friend, I took a look at the current list of candidates for the presidential election and laughed like hell. Are many of us Igbos not very funny people?

I asked myself where are we in this political equation? I hate sectional politics or discrimination of any kind and as such will always go with competence, fitness for office and credibility instead of tribe and religion.

However, given that many Igbos in what I describe as; “the biggest self defeat, exclusion and emasculation of their time, have adopted GEJ as their own because in the views of many, he smells like them and therefore the closest they can get to leadership at that level in Nigeria, I consider it important to have a quick review of the current arrangements and cross reference them to the past.

In 1999, Ekwueme despite championing the crusade for democracy was skillfully denied the opportunity to be the president of Nigeria because some people were fearful that through him the Igbos may seek to revenge the Biafran war experiences and possibly actualise the independent state of Biafra. OBJ was then imposed on Nigeria by the military jauntas behind the failed attempts to force late Abacha on Nigeria. Thanks for that divine intervention. Only God knows if we would not all have been jailed or killed by now. OK I move swiftly to my point.

OBJ a Westerner had a Northern Vice. His successor Yaradua had a South South Vice. The South South Vice GEJ, an Igbo adopted son became the president. Despite our love for him and the proximity of his home to Ndi Igbo making him the nearest (as some people claim) we can get to the presidency, chose a Northern Vice who remains his vice.

Then turning to other parties including the CPC, ANPP, ACN and others which metamorphosed into today’s APC, it is yet a Northern candidate and Western vice with no mention of us in the equation. Those who selfishly presented for selection did not make it. In my view, if they ever thought that they had a chance, I regret to say that they had none at all because in the true Igbo political equation, they are light weights who stood no chance and could not be nominated to lead Ndi Igbo if indeed we were required to vote along those lines. They would have lost us the election anyway.

Then my almighty APGA, a supposed “so called” Igbo party and that hilarious declaration following Ojukwu, Eze Igbo Gburubguru’s death “WE DO NOT HAVE A LEADER. GEJ IS OUR LEADER” and that treacherous declaration of saint Obi for the PDP. I laughed and wondered what a laughable self-emasculation and exclusion by the same people who are crying “MARGINALISATION”. So two parties can have one leader? If that is the case is it not better to merge like the APC did and become one party. Otherwise, is this secret but open incestuous relationship constitutional? So has Obi been leading Anambra as a PDP governor while masquerading as APGA. Just wondering.

Honestly, looking at the calculations and missed opportunities, who is really marginalising Ndi Igbo if not Ndi Igbos?

I better rest my case and hide from the missiles before they start landing.

Bless you all my people

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