loveSlaves to love like me simply lack the ability or will to aptly protect or extricate ourselves from the ravages of its strong arms. We end up paying big prices including slow painful deaths.  We despair in silence hoping that one day someone will notice our longings and rescue us with the simplest of things; reciprocal love.  

When you are not in love it is easy to condemn others for their weaknesses and lack of will to stand up for themselves. But it is all so easy to judge and condemn because you are not involved and may never know what strong a force love can be.

Today, there is a feeling of deep loss and foolishness in my heart. I have been wasting my time loving “someone” who have always loved me but has been restrained from loving me anymore or giving me the chance to continue to love h..! I know that it is foolish and dangerous to continue to live in the delusion that we will one day be allowed to share love as we used to. Sad but I simply cannot help myself and hope that I will be forgiven for my weakness. I am watching and crying helplessly but no one seems to care or notice me in my silent corner.

I am talking about our country Nigeria.  Yes Nigerian our country.  I love Nigeria with all my heart. I therefore always want to ask, Nigerians, is silence or tribalism and idiotic religious bigotry still the answer? What are we afraid of? People like us who have stolen our collective wealth? Can the owner be afraid of the thief forever? If you cannot defend your property, can you not at least call the police to assist you? Where are we all and where are we going?

How and why, and I mean how and why should people like me who think and live “Nigeria” everyday even from so far away in Diaspora allow ourselves to continue to live with the torture of knowing that the object of our love is being raped, ravaged and ravished by people who forced themselves on us as leaders and allow ourselves to be taken down this embarrassing, dark, slippery and endless ally of deceit, destruction, insubordination, dishonour and derision by the rest of the world?  Where is our strength as a people? If we cannot cause a damn right legitimate revolution with our votes what has happened to our pens and papers? Why are we not standing up and calling many of our leaders to order? Earlier today a friend, Yusuf Dankofa summed up our ignorance and delinquency in a few words which staggered and stirred my conscience again. I had no choice than to totally agree with him and pull up the laptop to vent my anger.

This was again followed in quick succession by a link on my wall shared by another respected friend, Gboyega Adejumo and I thought, what a way to start my day? I found the lame, selective, selfish defense of Lagos State government over a $90 million education loan from IMF irksome and totally provocative. What a colossal assault on our senses and sensibilities. So you have the right to borrow money on our behalf but no duty to tell us what you have done with it? Mind you he has a precedent. Our people “on top” admitted that some not N49million is missing but have they told us where it is or when we are going to get it back with interest? No and that is gone like our Corpers and other innocent Nigerians slaughtered by Boko Haram or the unemployed youths who perished at the dodgy NIS test centres.

I blame the IMF and other institutions which still lend money to Nigerian leaders. I think that it is their own way of indirectly marginalising us and maintaining their colonial grip on power. Otherwise why would you lend money to someone who has failed to show you what they have done with your money time and time again and expect the next generations of Nigerians to become indebted to you even before they are born?  Deny or admit it this is modern day indirect rule and enslavement. As you all know how this money is spent and how they end up in some accounts you know about, you have lost the moral high ground to criticise Nigerians and label us fraudsters or criminals of whatever sort you like. You are the masters of crime and deceit who are colluding with African leaders to defraud the masses. The only difference is that the leaders are totally foolish and the citizens docile to a point of madness.

I understand that if you love something you fight for it. But are we Nigerians really fighting for our country or do we not love her enough to fight for her? Do we still have the so called intellectuals who make our world are go round in our midst? Where is the sting of your pen papers?

Have we all been so badly emasculated and intimidated with our own money that we have forgotten how to love and protect what belongs to us? Time to think! Time to change! Or shame on us forever.  

 Use your votes and teach others how to use their powers. Our votes should be our weapon of mass control and punishment of many of the criminals who have hijacked power in our country.




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