Love and generosity.


A very lovely and well-adjusted looking old lady who is a relationship expert blew my mind away.

She said the following which I have slightly embellished because I could not catch everything she said:

loveA lover must be kind and generous so that his/her partner would always give and love without thinking or any reservation. A cunning or tight fisted man is never a good lover.  He is usually a liar and Casanova”

Now my question is this; should women beg their partners for money to maintain themselves and look good for their men to appreciate and stop straying?

Safe for changes in society, traditionally and religiously men are supposed to provide for and maintain their wives and partners. However, some men despite being very loaded do not provide for or give to their wives and partners or even themselves and many would rather spend on other women in order to impress them and get that temporary pleasure that can cause heartbreaks. Some women these days are catching up.

Is it then right for a man to wait for his wife, girl friend or partner to ask for maintenance money before they provide such maintenance, literally begging in some cases?

It is also traditionally expected that a woman should look after her husband and children. Is it OK for a woman to wait for her husband or partner to ask for food and other things that make the family life complete before she plays her role? I am a very traditional woman and therefore believe that unless the man enjoys cooking, it is my duty to cook and feed my family and my kitchen remains out of bounds unless I say you can go there.

Of course in many homes these days’ women earn more than their partners and readily provide for the family without grumbling and often to the fear of some of their many insecure partners who feel that unless they run the women mad by behaving badly they may begin to feel like God and ruin their lives or status in society.

I am still thinking about what this beautiful old lady said.


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  1. Dim. Sunni AaronsWuche
    January 18, 2014 at 18:33

    Now my question is this; should women beg their partners for money to maintain themselves and look good for their men to appreciate and stop straying? … There is no relationship if the woman is asking for money for anything in the house of that concerns the family. If there is a relationship, the woman knows where the money is coming from and she is part of it. There is certain provision made almost for all the sector of running the home. She does not need permission to spend any money. She knows what happens if she mess up with money as well. A woman begging for money in her own house from her so called husband is not wife. A work is better than her because a worker know how much she or he is taking home by month end. What is the need that a woman must beg for money before she does anything. I am sure she will be turn into a liar. Because she need a good reason to get money out of the aka-gum- man.

    January 19, 2014 at 10:51

    One can start to make excuses for the unromantic man who doesn’t know to surprise his woman with the odd gift every now and then. Perhaps, they just don’t have such tendencies in their genetic make-up. But the man–knowing fully well his wife is dependent on him–who has to be cajoled (let alone begged) into making provision for her upkeep and that of their kids is just an exalted bachelor. He has no business taking such a wife, and he sure has no business fathering babies.

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