Increase in political insecurity in Nigeria

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As we all can see, political insecurity in Nigeria is on the increase and looks set to peak and dictate the future, tone or pace for 2015 elections, politics and leadership in our country.

From your heart of hearts religion, tribe or political affiliations notwithstanding, what do you think is the cause or causes of this frightening situation?

Do you feel or believe that this is because the PDP is running scared of the APC as they are smelling interference in their strongholds. A situation which if not controlled may spell the end of the PDP in Nigeria. As a result they are managing to stoke up dangerous sentiments which creates the impression that every Nigerian instead of the PDP is under attack by the APC and they must be immediately stopped with intimidation and violence.

Alternatively, do you consider the APC a party of disgruntled trouble makers and losers who do not know what they want or how to go about things but are ready to take all of us down with them if they cannot get what they want; being domination of the Nigerian political sphere and dethroning of the PDP which will put an early end to the PDP’s 60 years of unbreakable leadership ambition?

The table seems to be turning on both of them. At the beginning of the current PDP crisis, PDP urged all of us to mind our businesses as their problems were of a family nature and they were resolving them like any other family affair.

APC on the other hand described PDP or some members of the PDP as a bunch of highly corrupt, confused and clueless megalomaniacs who must be avoided.

Now private family affairs have turned into national show of disgrace with PDP members collectively and individually crossing carpets and pledging their allegiances to the APC. Its amazing that in yesterday’s This Day edition there was a plea to Lamido Sanusi Lamido to appeal toPDP jumping jack governors and legislators to return to the PDP and Turkur has finally been relived of his office. Do not forget Sanusi’s open letter remains a big problem for the Presidency and he is under investigation for donations to some Northern institutions and organisations. There is indeed no permanent enemy or friend in politics.

APC on the other hand seems to be seriously shopping for more PDP members instead of virgin politicians with passion, credibility and commitment to the cause of Nigeria. How they can condemn the PDP and turn round to welcome their treacherous members to their platform and want Nigerians to believe that they are not simply recycling PDP dustbin of traitors and presenting them to us as brand new sinless patriots under their “broom”* symbol remains a matter for discovery.

In my view, APC is as bad as the PDP. They are both scared of one another and want to intimidate and expose many Nigerians to what is clearly their personal troubles and both of them do not care at all who dies and who survives.

Amaechi and GEJ continue to “impress”* me. Amaechi I hear has been promised a key position if the APC wins the Presidency and similar promises have been made to other Igbos and Ijaws. Who gets what remains a matter to be revealed on or after the D day.Amaechi and his gangs must not forget Odili. I hear that  Southerners are thinking that in order to beat the PDP, APC needs to field an Igbo President or Vice President. This seems to be a worry for some older members of the APC who although desperately need Igbo votes, feel that they may lose the favour of the North as their main agenda or seeming promise to some of them is to return power to the North in acquiescence with a man I dread like plague, Emperor Tinubu.

If this is totally credulous, how can Amaechi explain to us that he is fighting for a better Nigeria instead of his personal ambition? How can he forgive himself if anyone or more people die in the ongoing fracas in his state. I hear that many of his workers who have not been paid protested in front of the government lodge. Instead of negotiating with them Amaechi ordered them to return to work or face the sack. Interesting. Is this the type of despotic and totally insensitive leadership APC will give us?

On GEJ, I admire his rather very clandestine but reverberating shots.  Like OBJ and his third term agenda, he has never denied or admitted any allegations that he is fueling the strife in Rivers state. That is pretty impressive and keeps him totally innocent and away from the troubles as far as supporters and followers can say or see.

So who really is the trouble here. APC or PDP. Is it time to shift support to Labour and other smaller parties and leave the big players alone? I think that we must consider this and quite quickly too.

* Euphemisms.

1 comment for “Increase in political insecurity in Nigeria

    January 26, 2014 at 06:58

    I have looked at Libya and Syria, then compared them with what is today happening in Nigeria, therefore observed that this present pace of political duel between the APC and PDP, will definitly claim more lives. It is of immense pain and regrets to my heart that this duo has shown no remours or concern to all people who die in the course of their political due.

    It is terrible that the number of people who has died in the cause of fighting for this dear devil parties, hitherto has been seen as an example to many more who are yet to die.

    Human naturally becomes sturborn, fearless and easily loose their survival instinct, especially when fighting for a cause they strongly believe in, whether paid or not.

    Therefore, its not avoidable that many beautiful people who are now living, will definitly loose their lifes in the upcoming 2015 election. Painfully enough, no one is capable of stopping this.

    Mum, thank you for being you.
    Time will tell, as your reward has no barrier, for you have been truthful and fully committed, loving and painstakingly, you voluntarily gave out your whole efforts fighting for the liberation of Nigeria and Nigerians.
    May God bless you.

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