The Igbo man and politics: Peter Obi a case study.

Take it or leave it and criticise me as best as you can, I will live with it; the Igbo man is a cash and carry business man/trader not a politician. Everything to him is therefore” money for hand, back for ground”.

He cannot lead himself let alone a nation. Until he embraces the truth and proudly occupies his support/follow follow position within the nation called Nigeria or wise up and learn more about selfless leadership of service to the people, democracy and the benefits of not treating leadership as cash and carry business with the sole aim of self- advancement and enrichment; leadership in the capacity of the President of Nigeria will continue to elude him.  

He will continue to delude and deceive himself with the usual cry of marginalisation by the centre while he is indeed marginalising himself due to selfishness, self- imposed or imaginary xenophobia and then his usual self patronising “I know it all Igbo enweze” jingoism/syndrome.

I read Bianca’s sincere account of events and Obi’s lame response full of what I personally consider to be embarrassing deceitful excuses and shuddered with rage. It’s one thing to deceive yourself and another to lie and deceive others and believe in your lies too. Obi looked us in the eye and said that he left millions or billions for his successor. Although I must confess that I do not have full facts and would urge readers to carry out their own enquiries, I hear that although he left investments which many sources say that he may still have indirect interest in, I understand that he left next to zilch in cash for Obiano.

Looking at Obi’s defection, Ndi Igbo APGA members are like people who have been led midstream and abandoned to drown. Of course our future is not and was never in Obi’s hands but as APGA defied all odds to give him political life line and many members and supporters looked upon him as the next leader of the party after Ojukwu died, he has a moral duty not to place his personal interest before that of the party and Ndi Igbo. So he has failed himself and by extension members of APGA and many Ndi Igbo.

I am infuriated that he deceptively stated that when we find out why he made that decision to jump ship midstream, we would respect it. How condescending and patronising? Why later? Is he saying that the Igbo man is so stupid that he cannot understand that he has joined the PDP in order to actualise his personal interest instead of party and Ndi ambition and dreams? The truth is he has let himself down and needs more time to think up another lie of an answer to support his treachery.

Prior to his nomination of Obiano as his second best successor after his other choices were rejected, not many of us knew of Obiano as a politician. I personally believe that he would not have won the election if not because of the deal brokered by Obi and the leadership of the PDP in exchange for APGA support for GEJ. Hoping that I am not wrong, why then did Obi not defect then and let Obiano fight for his political life? Perhaps the deal was not done then because he needed more time to secure his position before selling out to the PDP. Unless Obiano pulls up his sleeves and begin the rebuilding and empowering of APGA leadership and members, I think that it is fair for APGA members and Ndi Igbo to say good bye to APGA. Obi and Umeh have murdered the last dream of the Igbo man who thought that APGA is the voice of the Igbos. They did not murder APGA because she deserves to die in order that a better bigger party that will help us to actualise our dreams to be born but because of their selfish interests.

Many Ndi Igbos are singing and dancing GEJ as their consensus Igbo candidate for the office of the presidency. I am not sure how anyone could have come up with that idea because unless I am wrong, as I write, the Igbo man has no leader. We are all leaders looking to fill our pockets before it is too late.

If indeed politics is about tribe and religion (I must make clear that I have no interest in regional or religious politics), is GEJ an Igbo man? If he is an Igbo man why have people like Asari Dokugbo declared that Ijaw is not even under the umbrella of the contraption called Nigeria?  It is rather “Ijaw nation”. Stretching it further where were the Ijaws during the Nigeria Biafra war when Ndi Igbo’s died of kwashiorkor and many Rivers people claimed our properties? Why did they not help us in the struggle for Biafra or return our properties after the war. If that was the case where does this sense of duty to the Ijaw man stem from?

I have so much to say but would rather not bother because we have ears but do not like to listen. My illiterate but highly philosophical grandmother thought me that “na ana azotagodu ani tupu azoba ute” meaning you must secure the floor before fighting for the mat which you will place on it to sleep.

The so called Ndi Igbo leaders who claim to be representing themselves not me seem to be fighting for the mat before the floor and so Obi’s “me first “defection to the PDP which he disrespectfully claims we may never understand.

Personally I think that Ndi Igbo should look inwards and stop being sentimental. We have done it for many years and look where we are today. There is therefore a good case for a rethink of our thinking and strategy if we really want to be politically relevant in Nigeria.

I am totally incensed by Obi’s conduct and thank Bianca Ojukwu for rising to the occasion and speaking for me and many people. Obi is a traitor and must be treated as such. His lame excuses are good for the dogs not humans.  Let him get away with it and watch more people betray you.

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  1. James Obiora Umenyi
    October 28, 2014 at 13:28

    I will not want to go beyond the man Peter Obi to state that politics in the Nigerian context is a cash and carry business for all the gladiators, including the over 260 tribes that make up the entity called Nigeria. It is not good to single out the Igbo race following your views on one man’s defection to PDP for reasons best known to him since all his submitted reasons seems to be invalid. It is because the man Peter Obi has done creditably well as the governor of Anambra state which earned him some national and internationl applause, that made his defection from the supposed “Igbo Party” to a more Nigeria party a news worthy event. Jenny, why not take him by his word and give him the benefit of dout as we watch events unfold. He conclude the matter himself when he said so.. There are more to this APGA under Victor Umeh than meets the eyes. Ojukwu was driven by the quest to get the best for his constituency Ndigbo, and I can say the same Mr Peter Obi. It is too early to blame anyone now. Besides, there are events in APGA even before the emergence of Obiano as governor that will make you doff your cap for the man Peter Obi.. I am not trying to hold briefs for him. I’m just stating the fact. I think the Pride of Ndigbo Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegw Ojukwu wherever he is will be solidly behind in support of Obi’s decision.

    • Kennedy okonkwo
      October 28, 2014 at 14:19


    • Anonymous
      October 28, 2014 at 19:51

      Thank you my brother James

    • Editor
      October 29, 2014 at 20:47

      Thanks James Obiora Umenyi.

      As always you have spoken very wisely and I respect your views. On the ability of the Igbo man to lead himself and Nigeria you are not wrong about judging the generality of us on the standards of a single man. However, take a good look around you and tell me who is leading Ndi Igbo and acting in the best interest of Ndi Igbo instead of themselves. How many of our past and present so called leaders are looking out for us instead of themselves? Where are we in the political equation of the big office? Many questions but no one is ready or able to answer out of fear of compromising themselves or being blackmailed.

      I consider myself an APGA person who has inside information and can assure you that although we see a few completed and uncompleted projects started off by Obi in Anambra, in comparison to how much he was given for the jobs and his claims, Obi has dome more well for himself than Anambra and that is not my idea of service to the people.

      In “ana Igbo we say that oku agunhelu nwata ada anyuya na aka”, therefore Obi in my mind has erred and erred gravely by leaving APGA. If this was in the best interest of Ndi Igbo and APGA why did he not defect in Ojukwu’s life time? Why now that the PDP are giving him ultimatum to defect and be part of them or forget any other political position under the leader’s government? there is indeed more to it than meets the eye.

      Time will prove us right or wrong.

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