I seem to be swimming in the spirit today

law-rapeAs you go about your business today, may the Lord be your light, guide, strength, conscience and consciousness and may he be in your thoughts, words, sight, vision and actions. Be real and truthful for the truth shall set you free.

May your words be food and strength for those who need to be consoled and supported. Reach out and touch those who need to be touched. Give something to someone who most needs it no matter how little.

Forget your jet flying, Rolls Royce driving pastors and their tithe frauds. You will be happier feeding a child, paying for the sick to buy aspirin and being a shoulder to cry on by the less privileged in society. Skip lunch or share your lunch money with that cold beggar on the street corner or under the bridge. Do not walk away. He/she is your brother/sister and someone else’s child, father or mother. He/she needs love and your love will go a long way to break the chains holding him/her hostage to poverty and ill health.

May your actions match your words and may love be the only thing on your mind when you talk about your neighbour, friend, church, religion, GAY and straight people, child brides, orphans and all the vulnerable in society.

And if you are a leader and Nigerian leader in particular, may honesty, selflessness, corruption free leadership, transparency, Justice, fairness, peace and unity of Nigeria be your only love, passion and preoccupation till the end of time.

May you find joy in the service you provide for the future and continuing greatness of our country and above all, LIVE AND LET LIVE! LIVE AND LET LIVE! LIVE AND LET LIVE! LIVE AND LET LIVE! Live!

LEAVE live and let die for 007 movies. The violence must stop! You owe Nigeria a duty to act right now and stop the violence. Leadership is about service not power. So listen to the masters and provide good, safe, quality service and leadership. 

Have a blissful day.

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